Blue Pill Red

Chakra masala

Take the blue pill for the Earth Jakked affirmations, a chakra grati­tude and affirm­ation technique that improves the cohesion of your spirit, soul and body.

It’s a direct approach for soul develop­ment, healing and recovery. This is Earth Jakked‘s raison d’être.

It anchors, centres and strength­ens your higher presence by amplifying your higher natures. These natures naturally displace lower traits and tendencies over time.

There’s also some easy, surfer-friendly tools to help gauge your general chakra health.

Earth Jakked Weapons Grade logo

Take the red pill for the Weap­ons Grade project, the funky alternative ‘bat-shit crazy’ stuff. It’s iconoclastic and is meant to piss off your elders and eat their pets.

The red pill is a humorous first-hand primer on life’s spooky shit according to me, a rando internet shaman, so it’s like totally chill.

There’s resources on healing, soul recovery and personal develop­ment. If you read it all, you might even become a flying combat yogi.

So follow the white rabbit and you too can become like the guru elites!

Plug into consciousness

Earth Jakked is a novel project designed to share the simplicity of soul healing and awakening. To successfully heal and nurture the soul, the Good engineer starts with the power supply and not the features. The Earth Jakked Technique (EJT) goes to your core whilst keeping you grounded. This sets Earth Jakked apart from other approaches.

Grounding is ignored or mis­under­stood by garden-variety internet fluff merchants, where their main focus is the web-traffic arms race towards brighter glitter fairies and faster space ponies. Weapons Grade on the other hand doesn’t take any prisoners. It’s serious space jelly, and ruthlessly slays all of that glitter-shite, wielding an elven-thighed sparkle sword.

Earth Jakked is the product of the author’s spiritual and mental health life experiences. It conveys the personal views of the author, which are neither peer-reviewed nor backed by any relevant paper-based qualifications. So pretty much like all other ‘net media, but notably there’s no attempt to sell you product.