Earth Jakked is a free gratitude technique that reconnects your spirit, soul and body. It grounds, centres and strengthens your presence by bringing your soul’s higher natures into your body. You don’t have to believe in the spirit or soul for it to help you.

Rewire your soul

The process aids soul recovery and emotional cohesion. More specifically, it works with the seven major chakras of the body. You don’t have to believe in chakras for it to help you. With Earth Jakked, the words ‘soul’ and ‘chakra’ are inter­changeable with ‘the sub­conscious mind.’

Plug into consciousness

To successfully repair and nurture the soul, the ‘good engineer’ starts with the ‘power supply’ and not the features. The Earth Jakked Technique (EJT) goes to the very core, but stays grounded. It’s an affirmative psycho­logical process that unlocks your power to change and evolve. It’s not easy, but afterwards neither will you be.

Earth Jakked headphones logo. This is a hybrid of the site icon and the primary logo. It really does look like the all-seeing-eye, but there's still an argument to be made about a dude wearing headphones. Given that it's explicitly called the 'headphones logo' it probably really does mean that. This logo has inverted colours to work on a white backgound

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