About Earth Jakked

I developed the Earth Jakked Technique to heal myself. My name is Matt and I live in Ireland. I suffered from extremes of anxiety and self doubt that impacted every aspect of my life. Despite all the personal work I’d done, I simply couldn’t make headway. Work-related events came to a head and it forced me to do something different.

I’m what’s known as a ‘called shaman’*, but you’ll struggle to find a fitting description anywhere. My basic initiation took around 47 years before I learned what I was, which came as a deep relief. During that time, I suffered bouts of spiritual attack, soul and memory loss, depression, delusion and intense paranoia. Most people knew I was twitchy, but had no idea what I was balancing. I only really comprehend this retrospectively; at the time it was my ‘normal’ and usually passed without remark.

A quickie about me. An early attempt at talking to the camera…

It started from my infancy and never relented, reaching fever-pitch in my mid forties. A few years prior to self-realisation, I nearly succumbed to possession. Sleeping was often a terrifying and humiliating experience. Things were touch and go.

Such is the way of the Shaman. The hammer must meet the anvil for the work to be beaten and shaped. Until the work is shaped, it will struggle and resist. Only when withdrawn from the fire does the work self-comprehend.


Earth Jakked is a product of intuition, trial and error. I experimented for a period of about two years to perfect the process (for the avoidance of doubt, I am not a qualified psycho­therapist.) The impact it has and continues to make on me is profound. I literally lost my anxiety overnight and got to meet myself again, though I’m probably an extreme case. Now that I know what the best of me is like, completing the work has become my joy.

I appreciate religious wisdom in all its guises, yet I am forever the heretic. Through my shamanic work, I’ve developed a relationship with the spirit AsuraExternal hyperlink symbol. That began when She intervened to save my soul by speaking the word, ‘Enough’. It wasn’t the first time I’d met Her either, as I later realised. Interestingly, She has no religion and is far too youthful to sport a beard, despite accounts to the contrary! You might know Her by other names, and She’s totally cool with that.

*Where the word ‘shaman’ is used for the sake of common understanding. There’s no physical lineage implied by use. This being the whole point of being ‘called’.


Free softwareExternal hyperlink symbol and freely shared information has made this possible, for which I am grateful.

Rob William’s Psych-KExternal hyperlink symbol gave me some early pointers when I was researching Applied Kinesiology. There are plenty of other self-programming systems, but in my opinion of the one’s I’ve seen there’s a lot of woods-for-the-trees. Of course, I would say that! I will note however that there’s no pay-wall circus surrounding EJT.

Manjaro LinuxExternal hyperlink symbol. This is a versatile and free operating system that you really should consider using (and similarExternal hyperlink symbol.) Primary tools used for delivery include:

The School of Art and DesignExternal hyperlink symbol, Staffordshire University. I was a narcissistic jerk when I took my design degree, but it’s had a deep and rewarding influence in my life, for which I am grateful. I can’t express how important it is to have a sense of design in the work environment. EJT is ultimately a product of that education.

All the friends and companions I’ve hurt and lost along the way towards finding myself.

The revolution begins with boots on the ground