Call to the Soul

The following should be spoken prior to working through the affirmations. It’s a way of talking to the soul, which can sometimes be fragmented, by reassuring it that all’s well ‘at home’. It’s a softer form of shamanic soul recovery. There’s more on this (and why it’s so important) in the EJT overview page.

The first stanza relates to the root chakra and it works up to the crown, which is addressed in the last stanza.

Speak the words with love and meaning. Imagine you’re talking to your frightened child-selves. You can’t hoodwink them, they know who you are 😉

I am protected.
This is a safe place,
It’s safe to be me,
Let’s come together,
And there’s no judgement,
When I open my inner eye.

This is a safe place,
A healing space:
And secure.

It’s safe to be me,
All of me:
The hidden,
And lost.

Let’s come together,
Re-joined as one:
And cherished.

And there’s no judgement,
Yet grieved, I am:
And listening.

When I open my inner eye,
And reveal myself:
And transcendent.

I hear the chorus,
Of creation’s song:
To join,
And with gratitude,
I am protected.