Chakra Health Assessments

EJT provides a simple and direct method to self-assess the chakra system. It doesn’t require specific skills and is easy to perform.

The assessment applies the EJT affirm­ation qualities. Specific qualities relate to specific chakras, which means aside from their healing ‘input’ function, they can be used as assessment ‘output’ points.

It’s as simple as asking yourself how you feel about each chakra quality or keyword in relation to yourself, and capturing that feeling on a sliding scale. The assessment tallies the answers and contextualises with any strong adverse feelings. There’s no special science to this, it’s a simple assessment, but the key benefit is being able to visualise your answers. That alone will tell you a great deal about where you’re at, which is the point of it all.

When to take it

Assessments can be taken multiple times, but each run should be according to one of two contexts:

  1. For the present period, e.g. the last few weeks. This makes more sense when using EJT.
  2. For a recent period, e.g. the last three to six months.
  3. For a broader period, such as the last decade or even a lifetime.

It’s probably best to take the ‘broad’ assessment first to find your baseline. Theoretically, you only need to take that once. Afterwards, you can take the recent or present assessments at will. If you’re into measuring things, then you might want to maintain a progress log.

Click or tap the chakra icon/text to visit their respective pages:

Root chakra
Sacral chakra
Solar plexus chakra
Solar plexus
Heart chakra
Throat chakra
Brow chakra
Brow / 3rd eye
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