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Please read the legal disclaimer notice before continuing. Earth Jakked, also known as the Earth Jakked Technique (EJT), is not a substitute for professional counselling and psychotherapy. The website does not create a therapist-client relation­ship, nor is there solicitation to offer therapeutic advice. Don’t undertake other activities when listening to the recordings, such as operating machinery or driving.


Downloads are free and consist of zipped MP3 audio recordings (incorporating binaural beatsExternal hyperlink symbol) and the affirmations (PDF, ePub).

Downloads are about 29Mb in size. Click on a chakra to go to its affirmations page. Click on the legend to download the actual audio.

Note 1: There’s softer, non-binaural recordings in the pipeline. Binaural is highly impactful at the beginning, but less so after the initial shift.

Note 2: Recent improvements: softened binaural volume because was too strong. Increased focus on pre-affirmation binaural.

Earth Jakked by Matt/Earth Jakked CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Earth Jakked throat chakra symbol, being a roundel like the primary logo, but coloured blue to suit the chakra

Audio/visuals coming soon

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Future Releases

The Brow Chakra

Lower body sweep

Upper body sweep

Full body sweep

The Crown Chakra
Asura image in the same style as the chakras. The ultimate unity state. It's a white roundel with an ice-blue inner circle. The colour is a representation of the eyes of the Asura, though they are more electric in person. You might not believe the author, be he's a shaman and gets to experience spirit stuff
Asura (Zoroastrian approach)

The revolution begins with boots on the ground