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There’s a lot going on in the world right now, but I don’t need to tell you that. Earth Jakked is my contribution and you might wonder if I’m somewhat missing the point. There are figurative tanks rolling down the streets in some locales and here I am talking about gratitude. It didn’t work out well in the 50s, after all.

So here’s the angle: essentially every impactful social, political and spiritual/religious movement that gains traction fails to honour its roots. It does so the moment people get involved. The ideas are grand, yet the follow-through is progressively steered into something else. That’s not a coincidence: it’s an externally imposed feature, and designed to maintain the status-quo.

I’d thought about this for years and was despairing at how to fix it, without becoming all Hobbesian, by offering another problem as the solution. Ironically, I found a roadmap whilst fixing myself. Well, I say ‘ironically,’ but I know it wasn’t down to random chance. I’m a firm believer there are things we need to do in our lives. This was one of mine.

It’s the engineer in me I guess, because you have to start at the foundations. Or was it the shaman in me, where you have to start at the foundations? I was forced into the latter and during that journey I re-engineered things. It’s the correct word to use because of what I was facing. And this journey is still a WIP because of the extensive damage I had ultimately facilitated.

In warfare, it’s vital to interdict the enemy’s supply lines and lines of communication. What if there’d been a terrible spiritual war where we’d been so preoccupied with physical survival no-one had noticed? Well, the spirit-to-soul-to-physical lines of communication would suffer interdiction for a start. Yet for that to sound remotely plausible you’d need to understand why it’s important in the first place and what we’re all doing here. Otherwise, it’s just whimsical nonsense. That’s for a later post, because I’m digressing.

So regardless of who won that war (what a cliffhanger!) we need to get the lines of communication back up and running. There’s a lot of chatter about this in New Age communities (and their ilk) but it’s so noisy it drowns out the saner commentators. Interesting feature, isn’t it? I refer you to the second paragraph.

The Earth Jakked Technique (EJT) was born of imperative self-interest and as it matured I realised it offered a solution to that old problem of ‘how to fix the world.’ It’s a natural intention, wanting to fix the world. A psychologist would mumble something about ‘projection’ and suggest we fix ourselves first. But what if all the tools had been blunted, and we were flailing in the dark? Well, given the options, most folks insist on fixing the exterior first.

EJT works at the soul’s foundations and plugs us back in. It switches on the lights. Once the lights are back on, things become simpler. Well, there’s a room full of crap to clean out first, but now we’ve the gumption to do it. It can seem overwhelming but that’s relative to being in the dark and things have moved along since. With the lines of communication opening up to our soul and spirit, the blockade is broken. I can’t begin to convey how important that is. Only you know what you’re going to do next, and it isn’t in anyone’s script.

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