Earth Jakked Audio

There are two meditation recordings in each pack; the ‘boots’ mix and the ‘laces’ mix. The laces mix is soft, and relies upon the sound of running water and bird song to relax the mind. The boots mix uses an uplifting swirling synthesiser to achieve the same.

Originally the audio was 13 minutes long and comprised of 3 distinct sections. However, to benefit (forthcoming) YouTube videos, this has changed with respect to the boots mix. For all timings stated below, add an extra minute.

The first 5 minutes are the settling time, the following 7 are the affirmations and the last minute is the lead-out and wake-up call. This keeps the process as compact as it can reasonably be.

Cymbal sounds are used in several places and have meaning. There is an opening cymbal, then a pair at 3 and 5 minutes. The 3rd minute is a timing/guide-mark for the meditator and is also where the binaural beat kicks in. The 5th minute signifies the start of the affirmations. There are a further 3 cymbals at the end as part of the wake-up call.

The binaural beat is strong. If you’re unfamiliar with these sounds, you might feel unsettled. Just take a deep breath and work with it. If you don’t, you could end up feeling a bit wonky. That equates with listening to the audio whilst doing something else, such as surfing the web or being mentally over-active.

The affirmations should be repeated out loud after hearing them. There’s plenty of time to do that because the affirmations are spaced in 13 second intervals. The meditation might not be to everyone’s liking or expectations. Specifically, Earth Jakked is unapologetic about stirring things up, so the recordings wear big fat sonic boots.

The revolution begins with boots on the ground