EJT How To

Seven steps

  1. Prepare yourself and your environ­ment for meditation (that is: quiet, without distractions and settled, being as free of anxiety as possible.)
  2. Always pre-read the affirmations when working with a chakra for the first time. This reduces mental curiosity when listening. Affirmations take the following form: “For my ——, I am grateful” where the blank is a specific chakra nature.
  3. Be emotionally committed. When you speak the affirmations out loud, they’re meant for your subconscious mind to hear and not a third person. Speaking the words out loud makes them ‘real.’
  4. Be kind to yourself. Feel your inner warmth. EJT is most effective when in a calm, safe and loving emotional state. Reading the affirmations out loud (before the actual session,) can bring such a state into being.
  5. When using audio:
    • Wear headphones. You might wish to queue a calming lead-in track. It’s more effective to start with a quiet mind.
    • Allow yourself to drift into the audio. Don’t be concerned if you microsleep and miss something.
    • There’s an opening call after the 2nd ‘ding’. It speaks to and reassures the hurt and fragmented parts of your sub­conscious. Note: this is more effective when spoken aloud, but isn’t realistic to work into the audio. Find some other way to incorporate it with the affirmations, if you can.
    • On the 3rd ‘ding,’ repeat the affirmations after you hear them. Feel your words as you speak. Experience the gratitude for maximum effect.
    • When the session is over, you may or may not need a lead-out track.
  6. When reading the affirmations:
    • Read the ‘call to the soul’ with love. Imagine you’re talking to a gaggle of your frightened child-selves.
    • With the affirmations, maintain a steady pace. Stop and settle should you feel mental activity arising.
    • Feel your words as you speak them. Experience the gratitude for maximum effect.
    • Repeat an affirmation if you feel the need to do so.
  7. After the session has completed, make a note of any affirmations that triggered unusual responses, such as tears, disbelief, self-deprecation or a quiet chuckle and so forth. These (and possibly immediately prior affirmations) are areas requiring your attention.

Session time

Sessions can be as short as the audio — being 15 minutes — but with preparation could extend to 30 minutes or more. It’s very much up to you and your needs.

The affirmation section of the audio is only 7 minutes.

Overall healing time

EJT is open-ended and the experience varies from person-to-person. The healing and elevation of any given chakra is wholly subjective and the time taken for one chakra will not relate to the next, yet its good health will reduce the effort required elsewhere.

As a rule-of-thumb, expect the root chakra to take between three to six months of work. Higher chakras could be quicker because there’s a knock-on effect. Much of the healing effort is to do with the root. The first few weeks are the most intense.

For those with a heavily damaged chakra system, but with an aptitude for self-healing and empathy, it could take around two to three years. Severely desecrated chakras require a ground-up re-creation that’s beyond EJT, however the practise will aid other efforts.

Consider: “what tastes sweet today, seems sour tomorrow.” Resolving emotional issues is a moving target. Keep at it and don’t lose heart: if you think you’ve solved everything and new issues arise, be grateful for the work you did, because it’s brought you this far. It’s a common mistake to think that things have been resolved, when in fact they’ve only been cleared at the level of subtlety you’re aware of. The collective resolution of issues increases your subtle awareness, thus returning you ‘back to square one.’ Well, it’s a finer square one, so keep up the good work.