EJT Overview

  1. Philosophical roots
  2. Why now?
  3. Component parts
  4. The spirit and the soul

Philosophical roots

The Earth Jakked Technique (EJT) keeps things at a fundamental level. It applies the three pillars of being humanExternal hyperlink symbol:

  1. Good thoughts
  2. Good words
  3. Good actions

This is per the philosophy of Mazdaism, which became Zoroastrianism, being the founding ‘great religion.’ EJT however is neither religious nor Zoroastrian, yet it aligns with Mazdaism, the ‘original good thought.’ That being the pristine root of the Abrahamic religions.

Why now?

EJT is a weapons-grade alchemical gift for uncertain times. With knowledge of the root chakra, it becomes clear that the vast majority of personal and global problems arise from a critical lack of grounding. EJT is intended to rebalance the playing field by addressing the fundamental underlying problem.

(I lack the data, but I believe EJT to be a solution to off-the-rails conspiracy theories and it might serve as a QAnon antidote or de­program­ming tool. I would be most grateful to receive feedback on this.)

Planting more trees and demonstrating for better laws isn’t going to treat the cause. Rootlessness is the biggest collective challenge faced by mankind, yet due to its very nature, we ignore the elephant in the room. The good news is everyone can use EJT should they wish. Shamans, therapists and other practitioners can also harness it to achieve faster, better results.

With great endeavour comes great challenges. It’ll likely pull the rug from under your feet, and you’ll finally touch the ground. Expect to come face to face with years of systemic dysfunction. Your anxiety should dissolve and your heart lift.

Component parts

The chakras

Children up to the age of seven spend their waking time in various states of hypnotic tranceExternal hyperlink symbol. Events during this period strongly influence lifetime belief systems and behavioural patterns. I contend the first seven years relate to the physical connection and formation of the seven chakras, thereby defining the flow of core personality into the world.

Stressful experiences impact the chakras and can suppress, distort and even sever their natures. EJT has been developed as a form of ‘chakra patterning’ to superimpose ideal natures over corresponding negative or under­developed traits. Each chakra can be taken as a collection of traits and abilities, thus certain traits can be prominent whilst others completely suppressed. EJT amplifies the good ones thus encouraging the bad ones to naturally fall away.

Poor traits are released through personal review (the psychological process of mindfulness.) Having distinct points of reference makes good action both significantly easier, natural and desirable. EJT essentially amplifies (jacks) good nature, providing clear contrast against unhelpful traits. Due to the differences, the process almost takes care of itself. This is because the subconscious mind is engaged.

Soul retrieval and integration

EJT assists soul retrieval. When issues are progressively worked through, soul fragments that are able to return will find the host environment safer, cleaner and more attractive. Spontaneous soul recovery is possible for consciousness ready to return unaided. Using EJT in the weeks or months before a shamanic deep retrieval is therefore beneficial.

Prior to speaking the affirmations, it’s recommended to recite the call to the soul. This reassures the soul (the subconscious mind) that all is safe and well. It improves affirmation reception and crucially talks to traumatised aspects of the soul. This is the essence of reintegration and functions as a virtual shamanic journey. Don’t underestimate how wary (traumatised) fragmented consciousness can be. Be self-kind.

The key to successful soul (re)integration is a ‘happy hearth and home.’ Fragmen­tation happens for various reasons, and deep wounds require specific care. Badly mauled parts of the soul are predisposed to resist the healing process (they’re in survival/rejection mode) and without mitigation, EJT might break down. You will lose interest and find reasons not to persist, e.g. completely forgetting about the whole thing, lethargy and anger. In extreme soul-circumstances* (like mine,) the fractured soul might throw notions of physical suicide in order to avert reintegration. This is why the call to the soul is important. Patience with self-kindness and perspective is key.

Suffering from deep-seated anger can be a sign of soul fragmentation. If you experience that, but can’t put a finger on the cause, then soul recovery (chakra rebuilding) might be what you need. At least look into the possibility and see what fits.

* To clarify: EJT doesn’t introduce extremes, rather it shines a warm light on what needs to be done. Any extreme behaviour or reaction has to be inherent in the first instance. EJT amplifies higher, purer nature.

Good thoughts

Earth Jakked crown chakra symbol, being a roundel like the primary logo, but coloured magenta to suit the chakra

Through special audio meditations, EJT induces the thetaExternal hyperlink symbol mind state that skilled meditators tap into. It enhances sub­conscious recep­tivity, significantly benefiting first-time users and most meditators.

The underlying principal is to engage the subconscious mind, thus the audio aims to quieten other mental activities. The meditation is non-visual and the affirm­ations are very direct. The audio leads the listener to repeat the affirmations. With a little practise, speaking the affirmations without the audio can be effective.

The audio is entirely optional. It’s fair game to read the affirmations out loud, subject to the approach being correct. The reader must be in a calm, meditative mind, without mental chatter. For those used to prayer, treat the affirmations as such because it’s highly effective that way. Experiencing an emotional connection to the qualities being affirmed is really good as well, so dwell upon that for a moment or two.

On a personal level, I feel and recall an image of my higher self whilst devotionally saying the affirmations (I’m privileged to have had certain spiritual experiences in my life.) My suggestion is to visualise the spirit/angel/god/goddess &etc you most connect with and it’ll provide a boost. Technically speaking, establishing that kind of connection anyway is a smart move, so I highly recommend it. Therefore, by being astutely non-religious, EJT can be woven into your religious practise. Be my guest and enjoy the meal.

Good words

Earth Jakked brow chakra symbol, being a roundel like the primary logo, but coloured violet to suit the chakra

EJT uses a simple yet special sentence structure. The spoken words relate to the underlying chakra natures, with a bias towards countering negative traits. These natures deliver the fundaments of the core personality and thus personal power (being one-and-the-same.) Earth Jakked serves to liberate your power because one does not self-conquer; one self-liberates.

Harnessing gratitudeExternal hyperlink symbol acts as a primary key into the soul and by extension, the spirit (hence the efficacy of a devotional approach.) When applied with good intent, it authorises and empowers connectivity. By doing so, one achieves higher states of spiritual union. The entire process is direct and goes right to the source. Everything that is not true-to-self is shaken up for review.

When comparing contemporary gratitude meditations to EJT, it becomes clear they’re playing whack-a-moleExternal hyperlink symbol. It’s like fixing a spluttering engine without any concept of fuel flow. This is what makes Earth Jakked so different: it’s been spiritually engineered and thus works from a different perspective.

For those with chakra knowledge, feel free to adapt the structures to what you need. I make no claims as to my own expertise or having achieved ‘perfection,’ so use the tools I’ve given you and surprise me. For client therapy, it makes sense to increase focus (tailored phrases) for specific problem areas.

Good actions

Earth Jakked throat chakra symbol, being a roundel like the primary logo, but coloured blue to suit the chakra

The meditation leads the meditator with a set of good thoughts, which are spoken as good words. Good actions result from the process by releasing accumulated harmful thoughts and beliefs. Further actions from the meditator stem from a place of solidity, good intent and outlook.

Emotion is the currency of the soul and spirit. EJT requires a commitment to feeling and the affirmations should trigger deep feelings. If this proves problematic, practise will erode those dams. However, be aware you might start feeling things ‘for the first time,’ meaning your coping and management skills will be simplistic (childlike) in those specific areas. Go easy. This follows for all emotional healing work; reintegrated or reinvigorated natures could seem ‘new’ and somewhat destabilising.

The healing process takes time, yet the effects are rapid. The first week of immersion is particularly impactful. The first few months can be intense. Sustainable states of higher spiritual experience are possible once the foundations are in place. Everything is relative however, and your general chakra health will dictate the experience. The healthier you are, the less intense things will be. It’s like sifting fine sand instead of coarse: you’re still sifting, but the finer is easier on the skin.

Earth Jakked is primarily concerned with the root chakra. For most people, once this is ‘plugged in’ the whole system begins healing and rebalancing. The lower three chakras (being physically-centric,) strongly benefit from root work and are the most essential to work upon. The affirmations also trigger the heart chakra.

Spiritual seekers reading this might already be thinking about skipping to the crown chakra, but don’t, start with the root. You have no idea. If you’re thinking this, then you must ground/root your ego first (the one you think you resolved.) You’ll understand it afterwards. I’m not kidding. You’ll fall from a high place and no-one but yourself can peel you off the floor, which could take a decade or two. I’m still unpicking that badge from earlier in my life.

The spirit and the soul

The spirit is an emotional being conjunct with the soul. It is non-linear, many and yet one. It does not reside within our physical environs or constraints, yet it is the quint­essence of you and I.

The soul is the medium. It is the cup. For some, it seems upended. For others: disintegrating. Spirit is the wine that fills the cup.

The chakras are to the soul as the fingers are to the hand. The soul is to the spirit as the hand is to the body. The spirit, through the soul, may impress upon this world. Conversely, the world, through the chakras may imprint upon the soul. Everything we do, or is done to us, has spiritual consequence.

The soul is ‘sleeping consciousness.’ It’s not fully self-aware and the bottom line of physical existence is to aid the soul’s journey. The human concept of ‘self-awareness’ is somewhat skewed in the greater context.

Consider when straining to rouse from a dream, or when struggling to breathe during sleep; this is somewhat analogous to the soul’s struggle. The moment of awakening is one of tremendous gratitude and relief.

What the soul needs may not align with what the body wants. It can be awful, but we are still here and persist all the same. Effectively, physical life is a dream-within-a-dream. Yet in this dream, telling the soul to awaken isn’t enough, but it’s a very good start. EJT can serve as a part of that process. None of this is touted as being an aid towards illumination, but that’s what it is. Folks have all sorts of expectations about that subject, and everyone is apparently correct!