Good Engineering

The great city,
Divided by a river,
Has exactly enough crossings;
The traffic lights glow red and the traffic does not flow.
Wanting faster cars,
And better bridges,
Achieves… nothing much.

The Earth Jakked Technique (EJT) is a process for fundamental personal change. It’s a unique synthesis and progression of several fields: Shamanism, chakra healing, gratitude affirmations and Applied Kinesiology.

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EJT is designed to restore and improve the chakra system from within. Whether you believe in chakras or not, their natures correlate with the sub­conscious mind. With a chakra-centric view, the mind is grouped into seven overlapping areas of experience and expression (somewhat akin to the Christian Seven Capital VirtuesExternal hyperlink). From the ground up, chakras represent the logical progression of consciousness. EJT reinforces ideal chakra natures, which helps you to unlock greater self-awareness in this and subsequent life journeys.

The chakra system (the subconscious mind, the soul) rarely functions optimally due to present and past-life trauma, wrong beliefs and external influence. The chakras convey the core persona and the will. Reasserting positive emotional traits powers up the chakras and speeds the release of negative patterns, due to displacement. In effect, it raises conscious­ness which in turn boosts transform­ation, release and healing. It naturally separates the wheat from the chaff. How quickly is up to you.

This approach to chakra development is very powerful and impacts your mental health. It turns the lights from red to green. It’s the process of facing who you are. Are you ready for that? Will the world be ready for you afterwards?

Next steps

Too lazy and didn’t read? I know, right? Me too, so I had to figure it all out and write it down instead. Worth a read if you’re not lazy as well, so don’t be lazy and skip it.

The chakra affirmations. This groups the various healing affirmation pages, along with a sample. This is your primary resource if you wish to test the waters.

EJT chakra meditation how to. A short step-by-step guide on the process, time, effort and commitment needed. This is essential reading if you’re curious about using EJT. It’s all very simple.

EJT overview. An insightful resource you should read to learn more about what to expect and why it works.

Useful pointers. A short list of what you might encounter along the way.

Chakra health assessments. This groups the seven chakra self-assessment pages. The chakra tests are generalised and somewhat whimsical, but are still helpful to determine how attuned your system is, and where the work needs to be done.

Softening the soul. This is a crossover resource with the deeper and heavier Weapons Grade (red pill) project, and describes how to address soul-level post traumatic behaviour. Use it alongside EJT for optimal results, because vanilla EJT by it’s very design cannot address this problem. For some people, this will be of fundamental import, and essential to practice before delving into the affirmations.

Silencing the mind. Another Weapons Grade crossover, this provides direct and simple instruction in how to free your chattering mind into the joy of silence. That’s an (ironically) unspoken holy grail for many. Luckily, Earth Jakked has a whole stash of holy grails, so please take one.

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