Manifesting Affirmations

For my safety and security, I allow, I receive and I am grateful.


Looking through a coarse hole in a chunky stone wall, creating a window effect. In the distance there's a lush valley and settlement, but it's very small due to the distance

Manifestation is a knotty subject area. It’s like an onion, having many layers that brings tears to your eyes. It’s quite natural for some folks, and yet for others, it’s like clutching at water. Perhaps it’s a bit like riding a bike then; it’s only natural the moment you stop having to think about it.

The method described here is in keeping with EJT. There’s a superior method described in The Pillars of Manifestation, which is a red pill Weapons Grade piece. That approach is heavier, but more likely to get results. Regardless, work through this one first.

Manifestation is at the heart of everything. We have strange views on such things in this physical universe of ours. Generally, our world is a slower, less glamorous and tediously predictable reflection of the spirit realms. Not only that, we’re a tiny subset of what-there-is-elsewhere. Life is already vast for us, but the other realms are exponentially vaster again. And all of this is because of manifestation, and how it underpins everything. That, however, is another subject matter entirely.

The Components of Manifestation

1. Good thoughts and words

Crumbling stupas in Leh, Ladakh

The first compon­ent is belief, also known as: good thoughts and good words. It’s not quite that cut-and-dried, but work on the assumption that believing-in-a-thing will help bring about that thing. However, just like good-health, it must start from within. If you lack inner belief (regardless of your desire) and most especially if there’s worthiness issues, then there’s going to be barriers.

Lacking belief is a common problem for those beginning conscious manifestation. Those blessed with self-belief more than likely have what they want, or don’t feel the need for direct manifestation to get it. It’s just like riding that bike from earlier. But there’s a detail: those who don’t think twice about manifesting aren’t necessarily better at it than those who do. The man that rides a bike in his sleep can’t really claim genuine proficiency. Moreover, he doesn’t really control where he’s going, although he’ll get there a lot quicker!

There’s another determiner with mani­festation, which relates to the soul and spirit. As stated elsewhere, the underlying needs of your spirit and soul will differ from your perceived material needs. It can be a total bummer sometimes. Look at it akin to a parent lovingly (but not indulgently) managing their attention-seeking child, and then you’ll get the picture. However, it’s not the end of the road, because there’s always wriggle room. So the plan is to wriggle whenever there’s a stern parental look, and to reap the rewards when not.

Belief can be reinforced though positive affirm­ations, so applying the EJT rationale makes sense. More importantly here, disbelief is dissolved in the same fashion. Thus a concise and well-structured sentence, that doesn’t detract from the focus, will support a good mani­festation. The main difference between affirmation and manifestation is that one faces inwards and the other, out. Well, at least in the context here. Anyway, they both come from exactly the same place.

2. Good actions

From Disney’s Fantasia. Mickey teaches the difference between adept manifestation and sleeping through it.

The second component to successful mani­fest­ation is, well, the mani­fest­ation bit. It’s performative and gets things done. Without that step, your mileage may vary. I’m not saying step one isn’t enough by itself, but it’s a bit like a farmer expecting his crops to harvest themselves. It’s possible that’ll happen, because there are variables here. Sometimes however there’s a thin line between entitlement and right effort. There’s also that nebulous factor of what your spirit requires for you at any given time. Sometimes those crops will indeed come marching through your front door, whereas at other times they’ll rot in the fields until you get off your god damned lazy arse and do something about it. I speak from direct experience; during the struggle through my dark years, I was heavily compensated and those crops would walk right through the door and jump onto plates for me like clockwork. Imagine my discombobulation when the sun finally broke through the darkness, and time… stopped. I was awoken, and all of my dream proficiency meant for nothing.

The Process

1. Perfecting good thoughts

Earth Jakked throat chakra symbol, being a roundel like the primary logo, but coloured blue to suit the chakra

Successful mani­fest­ation requires focus, emo­tional commit­ment and con­sistency. Consider it like filling a vehicle with petrol: you hear the humming of the pump, you feel the nozzle’s kick, and the smell tugs at your nostrils. Yet if you only do it for a minute, you won’t get far, no matter how vivid the experience. In fact, you’d think the car wasn’t working because you’d fail to reach your destination. That’s a funda­mental problem with manifesting in our world. If you work on the assumption you’ve the least fuel-flow imaginable, you’ll go far.

Certain mechanics of manifestation can be gleaned by familiarising with the fundamental Zoro­astrian concept of AshaExternal hyperlink. Now, that’s a short word for a whole book, but roughly-precisely, here’s my preferred appropriation:

Constructively doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right place, with the right means, for the right result, for the loving good of God, others and oneself.

The Law of Asha (according to Earth Jakked)

Awesome, isn’t it? It happens when you put good thoughts into good words, leading to good actions in tandem with the cosmic flow. Others might prefer to term it synchronicity, but that’s not very descriptive and rather crude compared to the above.

Here’s a suggested affirmation struct­ure:

I fill my life, and receive my financial abundance.

Which has three parts, which can be varied to preference:

  1. I fill my life, | I am filled,
  2. and receive my | and claim my
  3. financial abundance

The words themselves aren’t pre­scriptive, but it’s vital to anchor thoughts to the present, and not some future time. The important takeaway is how the words setup the need at the end. There are several things going on here:

  1. A sense of fullness in the present, being the opposite of lack (presumably why the manifestation is required at all, yes?)
  2. A sense of ownership, being a counter to worthiness issues, that often result in wishes and pleading. The words ‘receive’ and ‘claim’ can be interchanged, whichever feels right, though they have different nuances. Or something else, it’s up to you. I prefer to use ‘receive’, which reads and sounds much better when ‘my’ is stressed.
  3. The need itself in a clean and crisp form. Being too specific generally isn’t a good approach, because it structures how something will come about. If you think of manifestation as a tool to tweak the odds, then specific wording could stymie immediate avenues. Should you say for example, ‘I claim my promotion‘, you might scupper your chances for an unforeseen change in circumstances — like a better offer from another firm. Simplification can be effective, and in this case it’s as direct as ‘financial abundance’. The key thing is you know what it means, and more specifically, what it does not.

Common mistakes are to beg, plead, arm twist, provide the universe with reasons of worthiness and to use future tense. The end result doesn’t care about your worthiness, because it’s not karmic per se. Some of humanity’s greatest manifestation artists happen to be sociopaths (and their spirits might be sociopathic too). Yeah, it’s complicated. Good people get very confused about this, and none more so than when trying to explain how unfeeling sociopaths are highly adept at wrangling emotional force to get things done.

Useful pointers

Earth Jakked solar plexus chakra symbol, being a roundel like the primary logo, but coloured yellow to suit the chakra

Manifestation isn’t subject to causality in the way you’d think. Imagine living in a fertile field, where you can grow whatever you want, because you’re actually making that happen. The earth doesn’t care if you’re worthy of sweetness, if you’re over eating, or sowing bitter seed. There’s nothing stopping you from growing anything you like — except perhaps yourself. More explicitly, it’s about your own self-permission with which to do so. You’d be amazed at how quickly we kneecap our potential without knowing it. Try harvesting your crops without getting off your backside. If you don’t think it’s possible to have a thing, or you think there are fixed constraints somewhere, well… go figure.

In the material world, there are many factors involved with manifestation, including counter-forces, loose thoughts, feelings, attention, underlying potential and lots of inertia. Thus we tend not to notice our manifestations as having come from ourselves at all. From another angle though it’s really clear to see: look at the people you know who keep looping in the same-old mire, having the same-old experiences and failing to solve them each and every time. That’s directly related to (sleepwalking through) manifestation, and in all likelihood you’re doing something similar.

Be careful what you wish for, and be as non-prescriptive as possible whilst focusing upon the goal (not the actions required to achieve it). Visualisation isn’t required, but most people think it’s core, yet faith is vastly more important, for example. If you prefer to visualise, yet struggle to form imagery, build some mood boards or use a good photograph. The internet is a great resource for pictures, so find the best and go from there. Or you could book a round trip on MANiFESTr.

Maintain the manifestation as an ongoing process (hence continue with the affirmations). Consider the following: a sales­man convinces you to buy his product, but when you enter his shop, his staff ignore you because they’re too busy fondling their mobiles. Will you still buy? The sales process is an ongoing, living engagement and requires enough oxygen to complete. That’s manifestation, and one reason why sociopaths (or those with APDExternal hyperlink symbol these days) are so good at doing it — they’ve a certain immediacy and entitlement or intent. You can be sure as anything that their staff are regimented and waiting to take you for all you’ve got. The other key thing with sociopaths is their general absence of worthiness issues getting in the way. Note the contradiction regarding entitlement, which earlier I said wasn’t a good thing. Well, it depends how your spirit is aligned, quite frankly, and I’ve not written this for them.


I make none! That’s up to you.


Earth Jakked heart chakra symbol, being a roundel like the primary logo, but coloured green to suit the chakra

A nice medi­tation; a quiet mind; a loving heart. If good music, yoga or dance opens you up, then do that too (think: rain dance). Speak the phrases cleanly, clearly and with emotional commitment. If you notice counter-thoughts or feelings then you’ll need to work the phrases through until you’re comfortable, because an emotionally compliant mind is essential.

Work with lateral meditation as your starting point. If you can reach a silent mind and qualitatively shift to allow your inner light (or midnight radiance) to suffuse you, then you’re in very good shape. Concentration and dedication are the keys. With the affirmations on their own, don’t give up after a single session. Consider how driven self-made people are; they keep at it, rain or shine.

If you can enjoy a silent mind, then your spirit should feel clearer within you. Naturally your spirit knows all that you know, so your manifestation can be adapted. Speak once, and then hold to the silence, keeping faith that everything will eventually fall into place. Of course, it still depends on what you’re asking for.

General affirmation examples

Below are themed sets of mani­festations. These form the basis of the MANiFESTr side project for the visualisation impaired (it’s also a Weapons Grade joke I decided to follow through on). Anyway, take the essence of the following and create your own.

I fill my life, and receive my safety and security.
I fill my life, and receive my prosperity.
I fill my life, and receive my perfect home.

I fill my life, and receive my ideal work.
I fill my life, and receive my perfect job.
I fill my life, and receive my financial abundance.

I fill my life, and receive my happiness.
I fill my life, and receive my joyfulness.
I fill my life, and receive my creativity.

I fill my life, and receive my ideal health.
I fill my life, and receive my loving relationships.
I fill my life, and receive my heart’s desire.

I fill my life, and receive my divine self.
I fill my life, and receive my divine purpose.
I fill my life, and receive my divine wisdom.

I fill my life, and receive my healing thoughts.
I fill my life, and receive my healing words.
I fill my life, and receive my healing actions.

Boudhanath Temple in Nepal, with prayer flags

So if you’ve just slowly read this out loud, you’re probably feeling how amazing it feels to ‘fill my life’, yes? Isn’t that wonderful? Don’t stop filling it, and become the best of us. If you want to bring ritual into it, you could splay your arms, palms up for the ‘fill my life’ part, and then clasp your hands to your heart for the remainder.

A note on variations here: be mindful, for example ‘I am filled with my divine purpose’ could be problematic, and might lead you into a dark rabbit hole, such as, oh I don’t know, maybe committing genocide? You never think it’s going to be you, right? But sometimes it just sneaks up. I’m just saying.

Anyway, be creative and come up with your own structures, but consider all that’s been said above. Here’s another approach, which is closer to EJT:

For my safety and security, I allow, I receive and I am grateful.

This works in a slightly different way. It could prove effective where there are worthiness issues. It also benefits from having a lovely rhythm, and can be sung like a prayer. The key in this instance is saying ‘I allow’. As an aside, I used this format early on when developing EJT. It was from an Applied Kinesiology perspective, where the allow/receive/grateful statements were combined with specific physical anchoring movements. For me, it was quite devotional. However, given the directness of the end-product EJT (and audio) it all seemed rather cumbersome and theatrical.

I fill my life, and receive everything I need.

Although it’s crisp, it lacks detail like much of the above. This is why I mentioned at the top that affirmations in isolation could require a great deal of sophistication to manifest. In essence, the detail is offloaded to your spirit to fill in, which for some will never work. Again, it goes back to entitlement, wants/needs and so forth. You’ve also got to have a pretty cohesive idea what ‘everything I need’ is when saying it. The flip side to all of this is that it can be a beautiful and rewarding practice, especially with a devotional approach.

I fill my life with all that I need.


I fill my life with miracles, and I am grateful.

And then with a dash of spice:

I am filled with God’s miracles.

If you trust in deeper, longer cycles of abund­ance, rather than more targeted approaches, some of the above might just be the ticket. However, what you get… might not be what you’re expecting. It’s a faith walk. If you’re on the path, you’ll get it, because you’re already doing that, right? Right?