Manifesting Affirmations

I fill my life: I claim my heart’s desire.

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Manifesting can be similar to affirm­ations, so applying the EJT structure makes sense. The primary keys for success are the emotional focus and intent, the spoken word, and a generalised visualisation. Thus, a concise and well-structured sentence supports a good mani­festation and doesn’t detract from the focus. It’s essentially the same as working a good affirmation. The typical difference between the two is one faces in and the other, out.

The other key determiner with mani­festation is at the non-mundane (non-physical) levels. These are the realms of soul and spirit. As stated elsewhere on this site, the spirit and soul’s needs will differ from the lived human-experience needs. It’s a total bummer. If you look at it akin to a parent with their needy child you’ll get the picture. However, it’s not the end of the road because there’s always a bit of wriggle room. So the plan is to wriggle it as best as possible where there are stern parental looks and enjoy the rewards when not.

Successful manifestation requires emo­tional commitment and con­sistency. Consider it like filling a vehicle with petrol. If you only do it for a minute, you won’t get far. In fact, you’d think the car ‘wasn’t working’ because you’d not get to your destination, and ditch the car entirely. This is a fundamental problem with human manifestation. Critically, everyone experiences a different fuel-flow, which can be disheartening. Work on the assumption you have the least fuel-flow imaginable and you’ll go far.

Another way of understanding the meta­physics behind manifestation is to familiarise with the core Zoro­astrian concept of Asha. Now, that’s a short word for a whole book, but roughly-precisely: constructively do the right thing, at the right time, in the right place, with the right means, for the right result, for the loving good of God, others and oneself.

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Here’s the affirmation structure:

I fill my life: I claim my financial abundance.

Which has three parts:

  1. I fill my life:
  2. I claim my
  3. financial abundance

The words themselves aren’t pre­scriptive: ‘To fulfil my life,’ is attractive, but has future-nuance (it’s vital to bring things into the present, not the near-future.) The important takeaway is how the words setup the need at the end. There are several things going on here:

  1. A sense of fullness in the present, being the antidote to lack (presumably why the manifestation is taking place at all.)
  2. A sense of ownership, being the antidote to worthiness issues.
  3. The need itself in clean and crisp form. Being specific is never a good approach, because it predefines how something will come about. If you think of manifestation as tweaking the odds, then specific wording could remove your best chances. Should you say ‘I claim my promotion,’ you might scupper your chances for an unforeseen change in circumstances which then leads to financial abundance.

Common mistakes are to beg, plead, prove worthiness and use future tense. The end result doesn’t care about worthiness, because it’s not karmic per se. Some of humanity’s greatest manifestation artists are sociopaths (their spirits are probably sociopathic too.) Yeah, it’s complicated. Good people get confused about this.

Manifestation isn’t subject to causality in the way you’d think. Imagine being in a void. Whatever you visualise/want, you receive. The void doesn’t care if you’re worthy, or if you’ve had enough already. Because it’s a void, there’s also nothing stopping you — except perhaps yourself. A good route to manifestation is to presume the material world is an ongoing illusion and your manifestation isn’t subject to it. However, the more specific you are, the more entwined with causality it becomes.

If you’re wishing for love, visualise the moments of a loving relationship — like holding one another or maybe cooking together, but don’t visualise a particular person or type. If wishing for finances, receive armfuls of coin in opulent surrounds, but don’t specify winning the lottery or getting a raise.

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Maintain your energy. Not just at the moment of statement, but as an ongoing process. Imagine a sales­man who convinces you to buy their product, but when you enter their shop, the staff don’t care about you, their products, or getting off their mobiles for a second. Will you still buy? That’s manifestation, and one reason why sociopaths (or those with APDExternal hyperlink symbol these days,) are so good at it — they’ve a certain immediacy and entitlement/­intent. You can be sure as anything that their staff are regimented and waiting to take you for all you’ve got. The other key thing with sociopaths is their general absence of worthiness issues getting in the way.


I make none!


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A nice medi­tation; a quiet mind; a loving heart. If good music, yoga or dance opens you up, then do that too. Speak the phrases cleanly, clearly and with emotional commitment. If you notice counter-thoughts or feelings then you’ll need to work the phrases through until you’re comfortable; an emotionally compliant mind is required.

Manifestation examples

Below are themed sets of mani­festations. Some are dressed-up affirm­ations, but it’s all good, incorporate them into EJT if you like. Anyway, take the essence and create your own:

I fill my life: I claim my safety and security.
I fill my life: I claim my material success.
I fill my life: I claim my financial abundance.

I fill my life: I claim my ideal work.
I fill my life: I claim my perfect job.
I fill my life: I claim my creative potential.

I fill my life: I claim my happiness.
I fill my life: I claim my joyfulness.
I fill my life: I claim my daily miracles.

I fill my life: I claim my loving relationships.
I fill my life: I claim my ideal health.
I fill my life: I claim my heart’s desire.

I fill my life: I claim my divine self.
I fill my life: I claim my divine purpose.
I fill my life: I claim my divine wisdom.

I fill my life: I claim my healing thoughts.
I fill my life: I claim my healing words.
I fill my life: I claim my healing actions.

So if you’ve just read this out loud, you’re probably feeling how amazing it feels to ‘fill my life’, yes? Isn’t that wonderful? Don’t stop filling it, and become the best of us.

Be creative and come up with your own structures, but consider all that’s been said above. Here’s another approach, which is closer to EJT:

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For my safety and security, I allow, I receive and I am grateful.

This works in a slightly different way. It could prove effective where there are worthiness issues. The key in this instance is saying ‘I allow.’ As an aside, I used this format early on when developing EJT. It was from an Applied Kinesiology perspective, where the allow/receive/grateful statements were combined with physical anchoring movements. For me, it was quite devotional. However, given the directness of end-product EJT, it seems rather cumbersome and theatrical now. Just like other sales & religion, in my view.

I fill my life with all that I need.

If you trust in deeper, longer cycles of abund­ance, rather than more targeted approaches, the above might just be the ticket! But if you really get it, just say ‘Aum’ because it’s the same deal. Words convey intent into the physical. If ‘Aum’ fills you with what you need, then directing it should work wonders.