Spiritual awakening isn’t what you think it is

All matter is on the spiritual path, be it grains of sand or men shaped from clay. Being on the ‘spiritual path’ is intrinsic to all existence because form is a projection of Spirit. This writing is about that journey and why it’s never been a choice.

Every human being is capable of awakening their soul to into consciousness, which makes progressing the human form attractive to spirit. Some people are more likely than others for a variety of reasons, including ‘meantness’ for a given lifetime or period within that lifetime. It’s determined by the spirit of the soul of the body.

Karmic entanglement has a strong bearing in what can be achieved. The pathway by necessity requires its dissolution, which can only be relative to the consciousness of the soul-body. That is, coarse tools for coarse materials and fine tools for finer materials.

When consciousness is coarse, entanglements are dealt with at the coarse level prior to raising consciousness to the finer levels. It’s a sliding experience, however we’re not talking about a single moving ‘thing’ here; consciousness is many-faceted, so whilst some aspects become fine-grained, others do not.

Looking through a coarse hole in a chunky stone wall, creating a window effect. In the distance there's a lush valley and settlement, but it's very small due to the distance
A coarse window to a finer world view (Ladakh, India)

It’s like a hot air balloon that’s full of coloured ballast. You throw out the big blue weights first and work your way to the smaller blocks. All the while ignoring the red blocks and then proceeding to fill the balloon with big bursts of flame. Before you know it, the slightest gust of wind has you crashing back to earth. This is what many experience along the spiritual pathway, myself included. Crashing the balloon can take decades to repair.

Empaths are universally at a higher state of spiritual readiness than non-empaths are. However, if the conditions are right for example, any garden-variety psychopath can have a spiritual awakening too; it’s not an exclusive ‘club’. Whether their spirit is ‘troublesome’ or not is another conversation (which sometimes applies to empaths,) because not all enlightened folks and their spirits are ‘love and light’. You won’t find that printed in the New Age mystical-industrial complex. Fundamentally, spirit is all-kinds-of-everything, for each has been cut (or self-cuts) from unique cloth.

The challenge empaths face is the transition from ignorance to consciousness. By-and-large they have to re-invent the proverbial wheel whilst blindfolded for good measure. That last bit relates to a core societal malaise, of which has taken thousands of years to ‘perfect’. Reading blogs like this or watching ‘10 fun ways to levitate’ videos can only go so far. The journey is a solo one, regardless of how many people you bring along.

You should never fall into the ego-trap of thinking your spirit-soul is bigger, better or brighter than the next just because you’ve got spiritual traction. It doesn’t work like that. It’s very true that some spirits are ‘bigger’ than others but that doesn’t mean the souls they work with are any different, unless you have specific knowledge that informs you otherwise. The journey isn’t about the spirit and how this-or-that it is; it’s all about the soul. There was a spiritual teacher who spoke very eloquently about that once, before being murdered.

The sword is beaten ‘twixt fire and ice to make it stronger. This is the spiritual journey, like it or not. Sometimes it’s too hot, other times too cold, or the beating too harsh, but the tempering never relents.

Adversity and challenges are part of the gig. It’s hard to wrap the human mind around the suffering and trauma without flinching and wanting to make it easier for ourselves and/or the next person. Spirit on the other hand studies this with a very different eye. The process is all about tempering the soul. There is of course a duty of care, where the soul (and person) will largely only experience luxury and hardship within a certain envelope of necessity. Things do go wrong, though appropriate corrective layers of action are factored in and usually work out fine.

To put this into perspective, imagine a parent-child relationship. The child craves sweeties, wholly oblivious to the consequences because in the child’s mind, they taste nice and that’s basically it. The parent understands the wider consequences of feeding sweets all day, so restricts it. It seems awful from the kid’s experience and the world becomes this dreadful place.

This is a bit like our relationship with spirit, in that we fail to comprehend motives and become despondent at the lack of instant gratification. Yet in the same vein, we take on our parent’s ways, behaviours and outlook. Although we are uniquely ourselves, we remain extensions of the parent-whole. Within this spirit-soul dynamic, the extension is emotional and nothing like the physical separation we’d envisage here. That’s really important, because we’re predisposed to intellectually divide things. The healthy spirit-soul-body dynamic is seamless.

Which part of Glendalough is separate to the rest? (Co. Wicklow, Ireland)

One of the mechanisms spirit uses to raise consciousness is choice. Just like bait and a hook, the fish isn’t compelled to eat the bait. Predictably it will though because it’s not really conscious in that way. Here though the fish is part of the spirit that’s being hooked into a higher state of being. This suffering is also experienced by the spirit because for everything we (as humans) feel, so does our spirit. Spirit is far beyond our mental comprehension of resilience, yet our voice is always relevant. We can and should call out spirit for misperceiving the severity of our pain and trauma.

Consider a man with a very thick skin. He feels everything about him, but being grazed or pricked doesn’t bother him much, because there’s other things to get done. His nerves have quite a different opinion because they’re literally being damaged. So that’s a viable conversation for them to have. On the other hand, when the man is scaling a rock face, he expects to suffer discomfort. His skin has no idea what a rock face is – can’t comprehend it – and he presses on, though he might take a bit more caution if his nerves kick back hard enough.

Having harsh words with our spirit is one thing; entitlement, ego and karmic entanglements are altogether another. Spirit is very-much-aware of human pain and suffering. Even more perplexing, our spirit might be being deliberately rough to witness the response. The keyword here is ‘tempering’. The sword is beaten ‘twixt fire and ice to make it stronger. This is the spiritual journey, like it or not. Sometimes it’s too hot, other times too cold, or the beating too harsh, but the tempering never relents.

Consciousness understands the thunder and lightning in life whereas ignorance cowers in a cave.

Voicing concerns is an important process. Having this dialogue with spirit is powerful, because it’s all about choice/action. It’s not that our spirit doesn’t know how we think or feel per se; it’s vitally important for us to define the experience for and to ourselves. Learning to spot human frailties, like ‘poor-me’ within that is part of the journey and how we grow. Spirit constantly adjusts and refines the process, so consciously-voiced input becomes a valid component of that.

Everyone’s on the spiritual pathway. It’s not a choice to be on or off it, only the engagement with it. Everyone moves at a different pace and faces different circumstances. It gets easier not because it becomes easier, but because comprehension dawns. Consciousness understands the thunder and lightning in life whereas ignorance cowers in a cave. Good luck.