The Affirmations

Earth Jakked affirmations are simple, direct and designed to follow a pattern:

For my solidity, I am grateful
For my self-discipline, I am grateful
For my energy, I am grateful
For my fullness, I am grateful
For my community, I am grateful

Affirmations address and encourage positive chakra health. Prior to working through the affirmations, you’re strongly encouraged to open with a call to the soul, which is also in the EJT audio.

The chakra affirmations:

Earth Jakked headphones logo. This is a hybrid of the site icon and the primary logo. It really does look like the all-seeing-eye, but there's still an argument to be made about a dude wearing headphones. Given that it's explicitly called the 'headphones logo' it probably really does mean that. This logo has inverted colours to work on a white backgound