The Good Engineer

The Earth Jakked Technique (EJT) is rooted in the Good Religion, but it’s not in the least bit religious. If anything, it’s the antidote to external power structures, just like original Mazdaism.

In the modern rationalised world, having a Good Religion is insufficient because these days we need Good Engineers. EJT is wholly about good engineering and you can use it alongside whatever works for you, which is part of the design.

We live in a world where information needs to be questioned. Even the main producers of information suffer from agenda bias, consciously or otherwise. Bias is part of the present human condition that only self-consciousness addresses. The prevailing political, racial and gender groups get to define, build and supply things that are inherently biased towards their perceptions of reality.

For example, in India, the Chinese supply cheap products and amongst them are cultural icons, such as depictions of Hindu gods. Those gods however look somewhat Chinese. In the West, depictions of Christ are ‘vanilla,’ even though he was never that. In Zoroastrianism, the religion reverted to what Mazdaism initially overcame.

Deep-fake videos are the next frontier of disinformation and will cause mayhem. Until recently, footage bias was related to the editing, camera angles and narrative. The future of video is going to be total-agenda, just like the written word can be. With the inevitable proliferation of AI generated content, it will drown everything else out. So where does that leave the individual in all of this?

The problem faced is the separation of the wheat from the chaff. For the figuratively blind man, threshing is a random task. Sometimes it works out fine, yet when the ratio of chaff overwhelms the wheat, what then? Human society will experience an information crises within this decade and to survive it in a healthy way the thresher needs to do something different.

The sun rising over Moon Peak, in Dharmshala, India.
When the sun’s connection is restored, the whole world lights up

Having a solid foundation and a restored connection with the spirit and soul is crucial. The activation and clearing out of the root chakra is profoundly important. One cannot be self-genuine without it; which can only be understood once it begins functioning. And being self-genuine is the first step towards solving the crises.

With the solidification of the root chakra, the rest of the energy system energises and self-heals. It’s somewhat like a chiropractor making a spinal adjustment where the whole column systematically cracks into position. One size never fits all however and some people will always require extra work in specific places.

The Good Engineer works from the foundations up. EJT short-circuits subjectivity, doubt and bias. Once the groundwork is done, the next levels can be slotted in. It’s part of a process; root first, then sacral, solar, heart and so forth. Each level keys into fundamental aspects of personality, beliefs and physical experience. The result of this self-care is vastly greater than the sum of the parts; like the stone thrown into a pond, the ripples spread far and wide. So let those ripples be good ripples.