The spirit

There’s a reason why the sages taught in poetry. Anything else inevitably falls into the mire of absolutes and requires an upfront disclaimer.

Here’s my disclaimer: ‘this is my subjective view, which may differ from your subjective view. Any and all similarities or contradictions proves nothing at all either way.’

A world within a world – Powerscourt gardens, Wicklow, Ireland.

The spirit does not exist within the confines of space-time, but it’s ‘footprints’ can be found here. If we take space-time to be 3-dimensional, then the spirit exists within a 4-dimensional reality. I’m not going to use larger numbers, because in my view it’s not relevant or meaningfully countable.

In my journeying experience, I’ve been told that we live within a tesseract (a 4-dimensional construct.) My regular dreams/journey experiences consistently back that up. Despite this, I’m confident the tesseract structure is both relative-to and for the benefit of the human viewpoint, so I’m not speaking absolutes.

I will use a common analogy. Imagine a flat world, a 2-dimensional world, like a sheet of writing paper. It has length and breadth but no height. This represents space-time. A man stands on the paper and is vast when compared to the paper; his body relates to height and is beyond comprehension from the paper’s perspective. The man represents spirit. Therefore, we have the footprints of spirit impressing upon the universe, here, there and everywhere. The footprints are incredibly thin and hard to detect because they don’t make any sense within the flat world of paper.

The spirit is not physical and has no equivalent body or form, though it typically presents itself in ways the human mind can handle (and also the other way where the human mind shapes it into something relatable.) Were we instead evolved tentacle creatures, then spirits would look like squid.

Spirits are highly variable individuations of emotional consciousness. The fourth dimension is the realm of (somnambulant) consciousness and spirits exist within that, like the waves topping an infinitely deep ocean. It’s a ‘place’ where what you believe/will is what you get. Note that ‘believe’ and ‘will’ can be contradictory. This is both good and bad for an emotional being.

It’s good in the sense of emotional needs-fulfilment. It is bad in the sense of drifting sanity and harmful feedback loops because the only fixed anchorage is the seed or quintessence of self. Yet it’s the core that’s under self-review, which may or may not be in an ideal state (although it’s always perfect…)

Consciousness… is like a one-man band, playing all the instruments at once where each instrument has a unique expression yet unifies into a beautiful song.

There are solutions and one is incarnating into the physical universe and places like it. Space-time is effectively the inversion of the spirit realm, like an implosion to an explosion, within to without and Heaven to Hell. It relates to the infinity symbol, the egg-timer and a goblet mirrored at its base. It’s this inversion that provides firm anchorage and partly why spirits come here at all. Directly experiencing our world helps maintain a spirit’s integrity from one event to the next. It provides a valuable ‘external’ point of reference.

Another solution for spirits is to manifest personas, like mantles. It’s akin to an actor ‘being in character’. Regardless of who plays the character, the character is constant. The persona is therefore a fixed self-perspective. Consciousness works wholly differently from what’s usually imagined, being massively parallel for starters. Therefore, a spirit can interact with itself from different perspectives. It’s like a one-man band, playing all the instruments at once where each instrument has a unique expression yet unifies into a beautiful song. The commonality is the musician behind the instruments and not the instruments themselves.

In some ways, it’s analogous the trees found within a larger forest. That isn’t coincidental; everything everywhere is relatable once we hold a key. The key starts rough and refines over time, but having a key at all is the journey’s start.

A forest is full of oak. An acorn falls at the forest’s edge and grows into a new tree. Were all knowledge scribed upon the rings of trees, the tree would then contain the knowledge of the forest. The tree’s experience is the forest’s experience, regardless of where it is.

In this instance, the tree (intentionally) matures into a birch and not an oak as we’d expect. The forest’s essence, which is oak, expresses through the birch tree as… birch. The river runs deep for all that draws from it. This then is a spirit, being the many within the one; that are themselves the many within the one.

Some forests are vast; others, tiny. Some trees are ancient and tall, others young and short. Trees engender more trees where the soil is fertile. Some trees become ill and fail, others lack water, yet the forest remains.

Not all spirits are equal and not all spirits are kind. Everything experienced within our universe is a reflection of everything that’s beyond it. Some spirits don’t fit neatly within the forest analogy at all. Some are like creepers, whereby they infest and choke the forest to steal its water. Those are spirits having figuratively ‘turned their back’ on the essence of ‘being’ and lack the resources to self-sustain. They are rageful and self-justified. Polite engagement isn’t going to convince them otherwise. It’s important to state that they can incarnate too.

Any spiritual analogy that appeals to the human mind is as doomed to fail as much as it will succeed. There’s a Truth to be found but it’s our own spirit’s truth. It can’t be anything other than that. It’s not the next spirit’s truth and it might not be a common ‘truth’ at all. Our individual experiences on Earth help to tweak it and hopefully in a healthy direction. What’s forever untrue is the ego. Knowing the difference between the ego, the soul and the spirit… ah.

There’s a reason why the ancient sages taught in poetry. It speaks to the soul and elicits an emotional response that the mind can work with. Dreaming and journeying in four dimensions makes perfect sense during the experience, but quantifying it afterwards is altogether another thing.