The Technique

What touches me, I touch also

Earth Jakked

Earth Jakked is simple, fundamental and applies the three pillars of being humanExternal hyperlink symbol:

  1. Good thoughts
  2. Good words
  3. Good actions

The purpose

Earth Jakked is a weapons-grade alchemical gift for uncertain times, where the majority of personal and global problems relate to a critical lack of grounding. It’s intended to rebalance the playing field. Everyone can use it. Shamans, therapists and other practitioners can harness it to achieve faster, better results.

With great endeavour comes great challenges. It’ll pull the rug from under your feet so that you finally touch the ground. You’ll come face to face with years of systemic dysfunction. Your anxiety will dissolve.

The components

Children up to the age of seven spend their waking time in various states of hypnotic tranceExternal hyperlink symbol. Events during this period strongly influence lifetime belief systems and behavioural patterns. The first seven years relate to the activation (and suppression) of the seven chakras, thereby defining the flow of core personality into the physical world.

Stressful experiences impact the chakras and can suppress, distort and even sever their natures. The Earth Jakked Technique (EJT) has been developed as a form of ‘chakra patterning’ to superimpose correct natures over poor ones. Poor beliefs are then released through personal review. Having distinct points of reference makes good action both significantly easier and desirable. In other words: growth and release occur through triangulation.

EJT assists soul retrieval. When issues are progressively worked through, soul fragments that are able to return will find the host environment safer and more attractive. Spontaneous soul recovery is therefore possible. For shamanic retrieval cases, rejection is reduced so any negotiations should be less challenging.

Good Thoughts

Through a special meditation, EJT induces the thetaExternal hyperlink symbol mind state, which is what skilled meditators tap into. It enhances sub­conscious recep­tivity, significantly benefiting first-time users and most meditators.

The underlying principal is to engage the subconscious mind, which requires reducing other mental activities. Thus the meditation is non-visual and the affirm­ations are kept as simple as possible. The audio leads the listener who repeats the affirmations. With a little practise, speaking the affirmations alone is sufficient to experience levels of euphoria.

Good Words

EJT uses a simple and special sentence structure. The spoken words attune with underlying chakra natures. These natures deliver the fundaments of the core personality and thus personal power (being one-and-the-same.) Earth Jakked serves to liberate that power.

Harnessing gratitudeExternal hyperlink symbol is a primary key into the soul and by extension, the spirit. When applied with good intent, it authorises and empowers connectivity. By doing so, one achieves states of spiritual union. The entire process is direct and goes right to the source. Everything that is not true-to-self will be shaken up for review. It’s akin to powering a light in a darkened room; before there was fear, uncertainty and doubt, but afterwards: a clearer course of action.

When comparing contemporary gratitude meditations to EJT, it becomes clear they are playing whack-a-mole. It’s like fixing a spluttering engine without any awareness of fuel flow. This is what makes Earth Jakked so different: it’s been spiritually engineered.

Good Actions

The meditation leads the meditator with a set of good thoughts, which are spoken as good words. Good actions result from the process by releasing accumulated harmful thoughts and beliefs.

Emotion is the currency of the soul and spirit. EJT requires emotional integrity to work effectively. It has nothing to do with the emotions of extremes; it’s about a commitment to feeling. The affirmations will naturally trigger deep feelings.

The healing process takes time, yet the effects are rapid. The first week is particularly impactful. The first few months are intense. Sustainable states of higher spiritual experience are possible once the foundations are in place.

Earth Jakked is primarily concerned with the root chakra. Once this is ‘plugged in’ the whole chakra system begins healing. The lower three (earth-centric) chakras strongly benefit from root work. The affirmations also trigger the heart chakra. Spiritual seekers reading this might already be thinking about going to the higher chakras, but don’t. Start here. You have no idea.

The Spirit and the Soul

The spirit is an emotional being conjunct with the soul. It is non-linear, many and yet one. It does not reside within our physical environs or constraints, yet it is the quint­essence of you and I.

The soul is the medium. It is the cup. For some, it seems upended. For others: disintegrating. Spirit is the wine that fills the cup.

The chakras are to the soul as the fingers are to the hand. The soul is to the spirit as the hand is to the body. The spirit, through the soul, may impress upon this world. Conversely, the world, through the chakras may imprint upon the soul.

The Red Line

Powerlessness is a state of mind and conditioning. It’s reflected in the personal and global resource crises that we experience everyday. This situation has been deliberately created. So was Earth Jakked. Whatever impacts us, we have the power to change, hence: ‘what touches me, I touch also’. The revolution begins with boots on the ground.

Everything is up for renegotiation. Gratitude is the key to personal liberation. This is the fight for your soul and the planet. This is Earth Jakked.

The revolution begins with boots on the ground