The Zodiac Affirmations

The Approach

Capricorn (link to affirmations)

Using positive affirm­ations can help correct the negative traits associated with the signs of the Zodiac, planets, aster­oids and their aspects. The appli­cation is dependant on how deep you wish to go and your skill at interpreting zodiac charts.

Skip the interesting stuff and go directly to the affirmations.

Earth Jakked doesn’t profess expertise in the field of astrology, however the affirmation approach remains valid once there’s an array of traits to work with. If you’re familiar with your sun and rising signs then you’ll appreciate the value. The signs strongly colour behaviour, being somewhat analogous to light pouring through a stained glass window. It’s this trans­formation of the core persona that presents the best arrangement to make spiritual/soul progress in a given lifetime.

You can use one of the many free chart generatorsExternal hyperlink on the net. If you want to know placement for asteroids such as Nessus, you’ll need to fiddle about with various options. Chiron is included within the regular chart (per the link) and is also the most important.

Zodiac affirmations supplement the the chakra affirm­ations, and used together form a rough ‘blueprint’ for the essential you. This is significant, because it eases and speeds organic self re-integration aka soul retrieval. It’s not the whole picture, but it’s a heck of a good start.

Phase 1

Aries (link to affirmations)

The starting point is to speak the affirm­ations re­lated to your sun and rising signs. If you don’t know your rising sign, then just work with your sun sign.

  • Sun (birth) sign
  • Rising sign

Phase 2

Cancer (link to affirmations)

Deeper work con­siders the lunar nodes and promin­ent aster­oids. The nodes relate to past lives and the current one. There’s plenty of authori­tative re­sources on the web about this. However, for purposes here, the nodes will be simplified into tools and challenges:

  • South node: past-life strengths and weaknesses – the tools to adapt in order to work with the north node.
  • North node: this-life karmic path and lessons – the challenges to overcome and attributes to evolve.

Once the placement of the nodes is known, their two signs are known. Affirmations should be applied for both of these signs. The south node affirmations work towards improving and supporting the toolset; the north node affirmations work towards releasing karma and strength­ening weak­nesses.

Phase 3


There are two asteroids of inter­est, though there are plenty more. The two here interrelate and can be very significant in terms of the experiences you’ve had and have. They relate to core dysfunction and the shadow self. If you’re not already familiar, it’s worth your while researching them. Very broadly speaking, they function as a specialised and informative equivalent of the lunar nodes, but with kicking boots on:

  • Chiron
  • Nessus

Their related signs and houses (per your chart) are of interest in terms of the affirmations. Again, do your research on these if you’re not familiar. This is a good Chiron resourceExternal hyperlink and likewise one for NessusExternal hyperlink.

Going deeper than this will require a lot of affirmation tailoring, especially regarding bad chart aspects and planetary influences. Not all required qualities will be adequately covered by the zodiac approach, because I’m not (presently) considering the planets and aspects. It’s also possible to end up affirming each sign, which is perfectly fine if you wish to be thorough! It’s all good, because it’s all about positive-trait reinforcement.

Click the icons below to visit their respective affirmation pages. Each sign covers affirmations for asteroids and lunar node placements. The lunar nodes can be both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’, and relate to two signs. The affirmations cover all cases, but you will need to visit the page for the opposing lunar sign to get the full benefit. For example, a South Node in Aries means a North Node in Libra (and vice-versa). The below pages cross-link to make this simpler.

[Under construction since 2021-09-16. This will take some time…]

Capricorn (link to affirmations)
Taurus (link to affirmations)
Virgo (link to affirmations)
Aquarius (link to affirmations)
Gemini (link to affirmations)
Libra (link to affirmations)
Pisces (link to affirmations)
Cancer (link to affirmations)
Scorpio (link to affirmations)
Aries (link to affirmations)
Leo (link to affirmations)
Sagittarius (link to affirmations)

And Finally…

I plan on putting together some simple nature-based audio for the above, subject to getting a decent microphone, because the current solution isn’t up to scratch. Listening/repeating creates a deeper impression (and benefit) than direct reading. A good, warm mic goes a long way here.

It’s feasible to programmatically curate affirmations based on a given chart, the planets and various aspects. It’d be an interesting project.

If there’s enough traffic/traction with the technique, I’ll design some affirmation cards to complement the above.