What’s EJT?

  • The Earth Jakked Technique (EJT) helps to restore and improve your soul’s presence and power.
  • It can realign and/or awaken you to your higher nature, which naturally transforms unhealthy energy and beliefs.
  • By harnessing gratitude with special affirmations, it earths your soul.

What does it do?

  • It grounds you at the most fundamental level. It can have a positive impact in reducing anxiety, paranoia, lack and lovelessness.
  • You can experience peace, fullness, belonging and resilience.

How does it work?

  • It engages your soul (your subconscious) through meditation, and reinforces the ideal qualities of higher consciousness.
  • These qualities relate to the natures of the seven chakras. Chakras are like the fingerprints of the soul, and convey the true identity.
  • They’re the power supply that animates and defines us. EJT works to restore their potential.
  • It’s not an instant solution; but the impact can be swift. Working with the chakras is an ongoing psycho­logical process.

How do I do it?

  • EJT comes with a suggested list of 30 healing affirmations per chakra.
  • Originally, EJT included bin­aural audio meditations, being a highly effective delivery mechanism. However, this has been dropped, but will likely resurface in the future. You should make your own, instead.
  • In a meditative state, repeat the affirmations (when using audio) or simply read them aloud, at a slow and steady rhythm.
  • The key is to let go of your surface thoughts and dive into the gratitude. Then everything will begin to open up for you. The more tranquil (and suggestive) you are, the greater the impact.

What’s the philosophy?

  • Earth Jakked is non-religious, but essentially derives from an ancient and (then) revo­lutionary phil­osophy known as the ‘Good Conscience’. The premise today is that this planet needs a ‘Good Revolution’ every few thousand years, because God’s been franchised to death. In the age of science, souls no longer need saving, instead being in desperate need of Good Engin­eering.
  • The world’s problems can be reduced and simplified to a core of collective ground­less­ness. It’s cata­strophic, and we’re surrounded by the ever expanding circles of dysfunction.
  • People anchor their ego to external beliefs, vanities and idols, because they’re unable or unwilling to find their own roots. First World culture ‘prospers’ by perpetuating and exploiting this situation. A healthier, self-rooted ego provides a solid platform for sustainable growth.
  • Genuine grounding completes the spirit-soul-body circuit and has a profound, ongoing impact on everything in our lives and those about us.

Is it free?

  • EJT is free as in beer, because your soul’s worth it. Gratitude is priceless, and so are you.
  • This is a gift, but you’ve got to want it. Commitment is the true exchange. Be beautiful.