Useful Pointers


  • Have an emotional support network, e.g. a good friend you can talk with.
  • Read through the affirmations prior to playing the audio for the first time. This significantly reduces mental curiosity and anxiety when listening. If there’s anything in the affirmations that you object to, then Earth Jakked isn’t for you.
  • The sessions are most effective when you’re in relaxed surrounds and mentally quiescent. The whole point is to talk to your subconscious mind.
  • With EJT audio, you must listen via headphones for the binaural beats to have effect.
  • Journal. This will help you track your mental-emotional changes. It is easy to forget what has been achieved because of the deep shifts that occur. It can be a roller-coaster.
  • As a rule-of-thumb, try not to ‘binge listen’ and instead space the sessions out. This is most important for the first week. Once every few days is plenty. Everyone is different, so remain vigilant as to how your emotions are being affected. Increase or reduce accordingly.

Things to look out for

  • Be prepared for significant loss of anxiety with the lower chakra meditations. It might feel like your mind has gone ‘silent,’ which is immensely restful, like an idling engine switching off. In extremity, you may become unconcerned with worldly matters requiring your attention. You must redress that imbalance, because it will work against you.
  • Increased vitality, waking up brighter, earlier.
  • Needing to sleep longer, especially after a soul-retrieval experience. This is related to self-healing at the soul/emotional level, but will be sporadic. Go with the flow.
  • Increased intuition. Spiritual contact may occur. Stay cautious and grounded.
  • Spontaneous soul recovery (triggers the need for sleep.) You may or may not be aware of the recovery. If you are, you’ll likely recall a profound dream-journey.
  • Spontaneous joy and strong, deep feelings of peace­fulness.
  • Steadiness and deep, inner solidity. A sense of true grounding.
  • Desire for introspective alone-time.
  • The gradual elimination of learned/compensatory narcissistic patterns (at least for empath types, I’ve no data for actual narcissists.)
  • Chakra(s) opening, leading to elevated states of conscious­ness.
  • Micro-sleeping during the sessions, triggering time-dilation. (This makes complete sense once you experience it!)
  • Heightened emotional sensitivity and empathy. Many empaths don’t know what they are and how to protect themselves. Be aware that you’re going to have to work harder than before, yet now you’ll have the foundation with which to do so. It balances nicely, but it’s up to you.

When using the audio

There are two 15-minute audio recordings in a pack, which incorporate binaural beatsExternal hyperlink symbol:

  1. The ‘boots’ mix is a 15 minute recording containing the 7-minute affirm­ation sequence. This version has a heavy lead-in and is for listeners who experience lots of mental chatter or even those that enjoy musical euphoria.
  2. The ‘laces’ mix is per above, but just river and bird song. It’s designed for listeners with a calmer mind and as an alternative option.

The meditations have been designed to draw the listener into a state of deep of relaxation whilst being as economical with time as possible. If you need a longer lead-in, then queue up your favourite meditational music before the session.