Useful Pointers


  • Have an emotional sup­port network, e.g. a good friend you can talk to. If you have a therapist, talk it through with them first.
  • Familiarise with the chakra affirmations prior to your first session with them. This sig­nificantly reduces mental curiosity and anxiety when listening. If there’s any­thing in the affirmations that you object to, then Earth Jakked isn’t for you.
  • Sessions are effective when you’re relaxed and mentally quiescent. The whole point is to talk to your sub­conscious mind.
  • With EJT audio, you must listen via headphones for the binaural effect to work. It can take a little while to get used to.
  • Journal. It’s also effective self-healing tool. It’s easy to forget what’s been achieved because of the deep shifts that occur. It can be a roller-coaster. Consider noting your chakra health assess­ments too.
  • Don’t ‘binge listen’ from the get go. Once every few days is plenty. Everyone is different, so remain vigil­ant as to how your emotions are being affected. Increase or reduce accordingly.

Things to look out for

  • Be prepared for significant loss of anxiety with the lower chakra medi­tations. It can feel like your mind has gone ‘silent,’ like an idling engine switching off.
  • Increased vitality, waking up brighter, earlier.
  • Needing to sleep longer, especially after a soul-retrieval experience. This is related to self-healing at the soul/emotional level, but will be sporadic. Go with the flow.
  • Increased intuition. Spirit­ual contact may occur. Stay cautious and grounded.
  • Spontaneous soul recov­ery (triggers the need for sleep.) You may or may not be aware of the re­covery. If you are, you’ll likely recall a profound dream journey.
  • Spontaneous joy and strong, deep feelings of peace­fulness.
  • Steadiness and deep, inner solidity. A sense of true grounding.
  • Desire for intro­spective alone-time.
  • The gradual elimin­ation of learned, compen­satory nar­cissistic patterns (at least for empathic types.)
  • Genuinely opening your chakras, leading to ele­vated states of emotional awareness. Typically, you’ll feel a depth of emotional peace and solidity that’ll make you feel ‘real’ for the first time in your life. You’ll know it when you get there, because it’s so pro­found it’s not some­thing the mind can concept­ualise alone.
  • Micro-sleeping during the sessions, trigger­ing time-dilation.
  • Heightened emotion­al sens­itivity and empathy. Many sensitives aren’t self-aware, and don’t know how to protect them­selves. You’re going to have to work harder than before, yet now you’ll have the foundation with which to do so. However, it balances out in your favour.

Playing the audio

Earth Jakked Audio

The audio tracks are about 15 min­utes in length (that’s 936 seconds for those who groove on angel numbers). They incorp­orate binaural beatsExternal hyperlink symbol. The EJT affirm­ation sequence is circa 7 minutes.

  1. The ‘boots’ mix has a strong, euphoric lead-in and is intended to help those who experience lots of mental chatter.
  2. The ‘laces’ mix is much softer, leading in with bird song and a gurgling stream. It’s an alternative, gentler option.

The meditations have been designed to draw the listener into a state of deep of relaxation whilst being as time-economical as possible. If you need a longer lead-in, then queue up your favourite meditational music before the session.

Audio footnotes

For those interested in such things, I presently use a simple 97.36Hz binaural tone, which is derived from the Earth’s rotation (Cosmic Octave). I could have used G2 at 98Hz instead, being the very same thing.

Although I don’t feel there’s any quantifiable benefit behind specific tones at this level of audio production (looking at you, Solfeggio,) I personally find the lower ranges to be warmer and less fatiguing.

In mystical circles, the note of G relates to the root chakra. And: I use the same tone for all the chakras because ‘G’ is for Grounding and Earth Jakked is about getting boots on the ground. Besides, activating the root chakra with sound whilst working on higher chakras develops an energy circuit, which is the whole point, isn’t it?