Useful Pointers


  • It’s always good to have an emotional sup­port network, e.g. good friends you can share with.
  • Familiarise with the chakra affirmations prior to your first session with them. This sig­nificantly reduces mental curiosity and anxiety, especially when listening to audio. If there’s any­thing in the affirmations that you object to, then Earth Jakked isn’t for you.
  • Sessions are effective when you’re relaxed and mentally quiescent. The whole point is to talk to your sub­conscious mind.
  • If you find progress patchy and slow, read Softening the soul.
  • Journal. It’s a well-known and effective self-healing tool. It’s easy to lose sight of your progress because of the deep shifts in perception. Consider noting your chakra health assess­ments here as well.
  • Listening to audio every few days is plenty. Speaking the affirm­ations every day is fine. Everyone is different, so remain vigil­ant and assess your emotional balance. The effects are strongest at the beginning, and for some might be overwhelming.

Things to look out for

  • The need to sleep longer, especially after a soul-retrieval exper­ience. This is related to soul healing, and might be sporadic. Go with the flow.
  • Increased intuition. Spirit­ual contact may occur. Stay cautious and grounded.
  • Spontaneous joy and strong, deep feelings of peace­fulness.
  • Steadiness and deep, inner solidity. A sense of true grounding.
  • Desire for intro­spective alone-time.
  • The gradual elimin­ation of learned, compen­satory nar­cissistic patterns (at least for empaths).
  • ‘Exciting’ your chakras, leading to ele­vated states of emotional awareness.
  • Micro-sleeping during audio sessions, trigger­ing time-dilation.
  • Heightened emotion­al sens­itivity and empathy. Many sensitives aren’t self-aware, and don’t know how to protect them­selves. You’re going to have to work harder than before, yet now you’ll have the found­ation with which to do so.
  • Buried emotional issues surfacing for review and release.