Weapons Grade


Like everything else on this website, these are my opinions based on my experiences. My truth may not be yours and that’s perfectly okay. I don’t need or seek to convince anyone of anything much. I don’t claim to be a scholar, even if I might sound like one at times. That’s just how I roll, daddy-o.

Making the grade

The Weapons Grade project predates Earth Jakked, but never made the light of day. I’ve the full ‘fundown’ on this in the Weapons Grade Shaman Shit page, where I ramble on about personal and global transformation, and sound like the lefty revolutionary I’ve always been. It’s recommended reading if you’re going to invest your time on WGSS. At the very least, scroll to the end and read the bullet points.

Weapons Grade is a notionally humorous jazz-kitchen-exploration of the less-talked about metaphysical thingummies, and general stuff you won’t believe because it hasn’t whacked you on the head just yet. I reserve the right to change and/or delete anything I like when I realise I’ve got it horribly wrong. Some of it’s even quite serious, and often when I’m taking the piss the most, but I won’t say precisely where because you need to work for it, okay? Good. “Moral compass” as Mr Stark once said in another fictional universe.


This is a simple listing. As I add more, I’ll evolve the structure. The original project was to knit a hyperbook from ectoplasmic spaghetti, but I couldn’t herd enough consenting yak. First world problems; we lack yak.

Things are currently split into two classes of thingummies: (1) practical applications too scary for blue pill readers, and (2) the formalised space cadet induction program, which now includes a physical leadership insult training course.

Guides To Allegedly Practical Thingummies

  • The need for Lateral Meditation (being a crossover from EJT).
  • Why Silencing The Mind is a pretty cool thing to do, and how to go about it.
  • How your mind can stop a fever in its tracks and save you from suffering your own Dharamshala Night Fever. Of course, don’t limit your creativity to mere fever. I’m just sayin’.
  • My personal take on Shadow Self Reintegration, and why it’s not so black and white as to who exactly is whom.
  • In the EJT blue pill side of this site, there’s this really useful chat about the soul, healing and recovery, plus some kewl spirity stuff at the end. I was wearing my big boy jammies when I wrote it, so enjoy!
  • There’s another crossover with EJT, where Softening The Traumatised Soul addresses deeper issues vanilla affirmations can’t directly resolve. If you reckon your inner soul/spirit connection has blocks or issues, this is for you. If you don’t think that, then it’s still for you, because you’re absolutely blocked, so don’t pull that kind of shit here, k? Good xxx.
  • Biblr, or Swipe Right For Jesus. Praise the lord! Biblr’s not to be confused with Quora, of course. And after the obligatory turf war mud slinging to settle past injustices (despite it actually being the same god) I talk informatively on how easy and simple your practice can be to bring about illumination. Seriously. Maybe? Oh I don’t know, to Hell with it all!
  • Manifestation, because you’re worth it. This is the EJT side of things, so it’s a bit vanilla, sorry about that, extra lashes for me tonight then. There’s also MANiFESTr for the shiggles, because I just couldn’t help myself. I’ll get myself into serious twubble someday.
  • The Pillars of Manifestation, being the next bit, which naturally isn’t about pillars at all. Anyway, this is the real stuff for budding space troopers.

Part Theorem, Part Alchemy, But Mostly Top-Hat

  • All about The Soul, well all about some of it, at least. I mean, what a claim! So things get down to dirty and you’ll be wishing you’d not blown your stash of ‘shrooms watching Fantasia like real soon, man you know?
  • So Ya Think You’re Going Nowhere? Join the club! A quickie read, because we all need a sloppy quickie now and again.
  • Of Gods and Incarnates: The Silent Part out Loud. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Perhaps the biggest ruby in all this dust, but y’all be thinking I’m talking out of my top hat, but actually I’m wearing my serious socks here. I retain the right to have put the left one on my root foot and vice-versa, however. Or maybe I’m bluffing, and had them the right way round after all? Can you handle that?
  • Goddamned Lizards Don’t Walk Amongst Us, Okay? It’s Actually Far Worse Than That. Need I say more? Go on, you know you want to! The truth is out there. Or maybe it already has its sticky paws inside of you? Yup, thems lizzies are like a plague of… lizards… I guess then?
  • Ooh ah, Just a little bit (of you know what I’m wiggly for) which further develops Dharamshala Night Fever and delivers some practical insults around woo-revision science and personal transformation in general.
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