Weapons Grade


The Weapons Grade project predates Earth Jakked, but never made the light of day. I’ve the full ‘fundown’ on this in the Weapons Grade Shaman Shit page, where I talk about personal transformation.

Weapons Grade is a notionally humorous jazz-kitchen-exploration of the less-talked about metaphysical thingies, how-tos and general stuff you won’t believe because it hasn’t whacked you on the head just yet. I reserve the right to change anything I like when I realise I’ve got it horribly wrong.


Structure will evolve, but for now this is a simple (yet growing) listing. Some of this is even serious. I know, right?

  1. Why Weapons Grade Shaman Shit?
  2. A breezy view of karma, the soul’s journey and mankind looping forever in the same mess, or in other words: All things bright and beautiful (and all things cluster fucked.) This follows on from the first item almost as if it were planned.
  3. The need for Lateral Meditation (being a crossover from Earth Jakked)
  4. How using the mind can stop a fever in its tracks and save you from suffering your own Dharamshala night fever.
  5. All about the soul, incarnation and karma. You’ll probably need your monocle and library waders to get through this one, because things get down to dirty. And/or a shit load of mushrooms, whichever takes your fancy. There’s a risk of enlightenment at the end, can you handle it?
  6. So you think you’re going nowhere? Join the club! A quickie read, because we all need a quickie now and again.
  7. A personal take on shadow self reintegration, and why it’s not so black and white as to who, exactly, is whom.
  8. Of Gods and Incarnates: The Silent Part out Loud. Does exactly what it says on the tin, and quickly too.