Weapons Grade


The Weapons Grade project predates Earth Jakked, but never made the light of day. I’ve the full ‘fundown’ on this in the Weapons Grade Shaman Shit page, where I talk about personal transformation.

Weapons Grade is a notionally humorous jazz-kitchen-exploration of the less-talked about metaphysical thingies, how-tos and general stuff you won’t believe because it hasn’t whacked you on the head just yet. I reserve the right to change anything I like when I realise I’ve got it horribly wrong.


Structure will evolve, but for now this is a simple (yet growing) listing:

  1. Why Weapons Grade Shaman Shit?
  2. A fundamental view of karma, the soul’s journey and mankind looping forever in the same mess, or in other words: All things bright and beautiful (and all things cluster fucked.) This follows on from the first item almost as if it were planned.
  3. The need for Lateral Meditation (being a crossover from Earth Jakked)
  4. How using the mind can stop a fever in its tracks and save you from suffering your own Dharamshala night fever.