All Things Bright and Beautiful

…And All Things Cluster Fucked

This is a 1500 word piece, around 6 minutes reading. August 2021.


Good progress relies upon the selfless to drive and sustain it.

Progress is the elevator between heaven and hell, which goes down as well as up. The elevator isn’t to blame for any of this, despite the constant tinkering of its control systems. Right-thinking individuals press the ‘up’ button and yet collectively we find ourselves somewhere at basement -6 wondering what -7 looks like. And even then, after thousands of years in the making, we’re still trying to fix the elevator, which was never broken to begin with.

Still from the film Groundhog Day, evoking the karmic loop
Still from the film ‘Groundhog Day’, featuring Bill Murray and a big rat.

Mankind exists within a tight spiritual loop that pays no attention to technological and social develop­ment. It’s at the heart of insti­tution­al failure and the inevitable revolutionary shortfalls. Institutions and revolutions however are not the point of failure, persist as we might in making that case, such is the topical approach to our existence. That’s not a damnation; it’s actually the challenge.

It’s an insidious loop, that for the large part passes by unnoticed from one generation to the next. It requires an uncommon perspective to see it and certainly isn’t taught to everyman.

Ken Russells’ globally-censored 1971 art film, ‘The DevilsExternal hyperlink clearly depicts it when contextualised against current events: MAGA, pandemic denialism and the right wing/business mindset. It has a historical basis (though I’m unfamiliar with the details and the Devil within them,) and at the very least remains a valid social expression for the 1970s. It shows just how tight the loop is.

The takeaway is that regardless of culture and events, nothing has changed. The majority of people remain asleep and will be pushed and pulled in whichever way suits the self-interested powerful. Meanwhile, the conscious few who risk getting in the way will be punished and eliminated. If this doesn’t sound familiar then you’ve not been paying attention to even the most basic history and current events.

Root chakra

With Earth Jakked, I always bang on about ‘the power supply’. It’s a type of spiritual reduction­ism which is invisible to con­temp­orary science. That won’t always be the case, but for now it’s heresy. At the moment, the Internet tolerates heresy, but just like the countless loops before this one, the witch trials are looming. I do recall that until fairly recently, critiquing certain ‘facts’ around the origins of COVID was punishable by excommunication.

My solution will always be ‘the power supply’. How we interact with that power supply is a matter for innovation, being another word for: progress. I champion good progress.

It’s not just about the soul and associated energy systems. There’s so much more in the physical that can be explained this way. It’s somewhat like the classical element of ‘aether’ which just won’t die a natural death 🙂 And so here we are again, talking about it, albeit in a specific form. The scientists who, in moments of geometric clarity realise ‘God is math’ know all about aether, but they can’t use that framework. In religious circles they call it ‘illumination,’ but they can’t solve the maths. The TengristsExternal hyperlink of yore knew all about the many fingers leading to the same hand, thus spoke of maths alongside the other religious pathways. Then they swept the worldExternal hyperlink and butchered everyone in their path, but that’s besides the point.

There are reasons for this commonality between all living things; why aspects of conscious and intelligent behaviour, and intelligent evolution exist throughout living systems. They’re using the same power supply. The (generalised) problem with science is that it can’t directly encompass such a notion, thus it looks at everything from an inverted perspective. That’s not science’s fault per se, it’s intrinsic within the human condition, and related to physical bias (looking out, not in). It’s an inherently self-selective stance, and all seems hunky-dory, academic lynchings and all.

Another way of describing it is where a 4D universe (let’s name Time as a fourth dimension) exists within a 5D construct, or tesseract. Here, common science refutes 5D and attempts to describe everything in 4D language. That’s all well and good until you look beyond your navel. The flip side to science being those who’ve tasted the tesseract and assert their interpretation as gospel. They also exist within the same 4D mindset but are more open to random, baseless shit. I suspect the Tengrists figured that out too.

Totem, from Göbekli TepeExternal hyperlink

There are other examples of this way of thinking. Main­stream arch­ae­ologists seem to be a pretty godless (albeit sincere) lot on the whole. It’s why we get these bizarre notions that ancient spiritual practice was a value-add once they’d nailed all the basic survival stuff. To anyone familiar with shamanism and journeying, this is a table-meet-head thumping moment. However, for those neutered in 4D, it makes perfect sense. Let’s not even mention the countless examples of shamanic cave-art from tens of thousands of years before the more recent times I’m referring to.

The Loop

The human condition is the root point of failure. No amount of material gain will solve it, and neither will spiritual endeavour satisfy it.

The simple problem is that the loop is negatively self-supporting, hence good progress requiring selflessness to sustain within a system that actively suppresses it. Unchecked feedback systems fail every time. Humanity has been failing downwards since recorded history. The problem nowadays is that we’re in an exponentially more dangerous situation regarding technology, resources, and capacity. So it all seems pretty grim.

Yet on the other hand, the worse things become (the more energy in the system) then the more obvious it appears (the ‘louder’ it becomes) to rouse the sleeping. Just like a nagging pain that eventually develops into something critical, the sleeper eventually wakes and seeks medical help. However, there are people that don’t believe in medical science, and so they’ll perish. How many is rather important to whatever happens next.

Rollerball, a bloodied James Caan holds the ball aloft
Still from the film ‘Rollerball’ which is a futuristic Circus Maximus.

Furthermore, the moment the system’s corrected, things dampen enough for people to gener­ationally pull up the blankets. This is a control mechanism that’s used to keep the dog and pony show hurtling towards failure, but most importantly of all: another quick buck. In other words, when the rabble becomes unruly, harness the Circus Maximus of the age, like television, to keep them somnolent.

All of this… is karma. The loop we keep repeating is karmic; the karma is personal and the experience collective. Everything is personal, because everything is within. The human condition is to think otherwise and point at anything else.

The solution — the only solution — for most people will be very painful indeed because of the hardwired pattern to look outside oneself. Again, that’s at the core of the human challenge. The archaeologists are right about that from their modern perspective; get the survival bit figured and then sort the insides out. Sadly, society as a body has been constructed to never transit beyond the survival part, because it conflicts with centralised power. Therefore, and remaining uncorrected, the end is nigh.

Karma is a word of consequence, but it’s relative to where you’re coming from. Not every spirit and soul is love-and-light. In being malevolent for example, there’s a polar set of cause-effects (I’ll cross link when I write about that.) Just ask yourself in the meantime, why all the evil in the world hasn’t ceased at this point? And if it’s not a binary situation (things rarely are,) then that persistence doesn’t bode well for the rest of us in terms of opposites and where we find ourselves.

Malevolence doesn’t invalidate karma, it merely broadens the canvas. It does however further invalidate notions of an omnipotent, omniversal micro-managing dictator god who decides good from evil and then punishes everything that doesn’t meet the mark. The same god that creates entities to screw it all up, presumably for kicks. Sounds like a projection of the human condition, if you ask me, and something scraped from the pits of a linear 4D mind.

Glendalough, upper lake
Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. This was before it was enlightened by reading this page and flew off into outer space. Others call it climate change, but… meh.

The key to under­standing karma is the journey of the soul. The soul is like a small lake; with ripples and currents and teeming with life. Sunlight moves across the surface of the deep and slowly draws water into the heavens. Yet the lake slumbers, and cannot fully yield and rise up. Touching the earth, the earth touches the lake also. Thus man, being of the earth, may defile or sanctify the waters, shackle or rouse the spirit of the lake. The man, nourished by the earth and sustained by the lake, is the loop perfected. The risks and the rewards are indeed great.


From a linear standpoint and after all this time, we’re somewhat cluster fucked. Fortunately, we live within a tesseract system and things have never been, and will never be so linear. Starting within is the best and only sustainable solution. It’s the primary point of failure which is consistently over­looked for reasons of power and control. It can be called science, it can be called religion, atheism or spirituality, but the effort remains the same: introspective release and the attainment of positive qualities. Everything else is the consequential ripple-effect of that effort or lack thereof. There’s nowhere left to run; and there was never anywhere to run to.