Goddamned Lizards Don’t Walk Amongst Us, Okay? It’s Actually Far Worse Than That

This is a 3000 word piece, and an 12 minute read. It’s about those who don’t walk amongst us. Even by WGSS standards, this is a bit wild. Last edit: August 2022.

I seriously go down multiple rabbit holes in this piece, and you’ll likely conclude I’m a closet conspiracy nut job. I tell you squarely that I’m no such thing. Been there, evaluated it and walked away long, long ago before it become profit-trendy. Anyway, all ideas, no matter how insane, stem from roots, and despite their potty fruit, not all underlying root systems are themselves ill. What the gardener cultivates from them however is altogether a product of their own shit. Hence the sheer fucking damage conspiracy nuts are doing to some of those root truths. You’d be forgiven at wondering if the conspiracy theorists themselves were dupes within a broader psyop conspiracy. Of course not, they’re far too clever, well-researched and fact-checked to fall for the oldest trick in the book. Yup.

Iron Sky 2
Hitler riding what I presume to be a Reichosaur. From the film ‘Iron Sky 2’ which is dire. If you must watch, mute and drown in music. However, the first film remains a supremely competent conspiracy satire, and comes with a full house of gold stars from this reviewer. Okay, so I got the dubious anti-Semitic “I was joking!” reference in early, because you know, this page about lizard conspiracies couldn’t be taken seriously without one, etc, etc, and yawn. Scene.

So I was down the chipper the other night and my mate Elvis, chomp full of kebab, asked me about the ‘lizard people’. You know, that moment when a celeb shapeshifts into a reptile inside an elevator (because, like, of course), or takes their corgis out for a quick slither around the block. Elvis reckons it happens all the time, but it’s just not widely reported in the square media, daddy-o. So never mind the physics, here’s the space bollocks, uh-huh.

So the short summary then: there ain’t no lizards lurking under the skin of folks you envy (or whatever your fixation is with them). It’s not a thing, it doesn’t happen so get over it already. To the best of my relative third-party position in spacetime (you know, that place the rest of us hang out in), nothing physical happened in front of those eye-witnesses. Period. So just stop it and I don’t want to hear zip from you ever again. Except… there’s a however. I’m sorry, but it’s not all spacetime baby, and the kool kidz have an angle that’ll fry the jelly in yer wellies. Thusly, for some of these startled folks at least, something metaphysical occurred. The rest of them are dangerously delusional, so stay the fuck away from them. And this is where Elvis and his space Luger gets for realz, bro.

‘The truth about masturbation’ okay, okay, that’s a Kentucky Fried Movie gag, but swiftly moving along, this is another still from Iron Sky 2 and pretty much how my hands would look if left alone long enough with Tina Fey.

No matter how much skin you flay from these lizard folks, you’ll never find scales underneath. What you’ll get instead is a bloody mess and life imprisonment. They’re people and not lizards. It’s not a physical thing, so don’t do it. The question then is are they agents, or something else equally nefarious? No. In the terms I’m going to be laying out here, you might ‘be’ a lizard yourself, and you’d never know it. What’s really going on is something else entirely, and will blow conspiracy walnuts everywhere, because we all know my facts are better than theirs.

Those lizards then? Well… yes, they do exist, but just not here in the physical. I know that because I’ve interacted with them in non-physical settings (remember, I claim to be a shaman-of-sorts, if that helps any?) My earliest memories of humanoid lizards date from my childhood, in the 1970s. If you don’t believe me, check the calendar; and if you thumb back to Galaxians you’ll see that the 70s was indeed real. Curiously, the Queen of England had her Silver Jubilee back in ’77. Coincidence? Why did she pick that decade, hmm?

I’ve talked about our reality being part of a larger four dimensional space, and what the fourth dimension actually is (and look, I’m not saying it’s just four, but we need to start somewhere graspable). These entities, amongst others, exist there as the proverbial bottom-feeders, albeit highly evolved ones. In brain-speak, though not strictly accurate, they’re butted up right against our physical reality. That’s important, because things bleed across in both directions. The soul, for example, does exactly this in order to touch the space we’re collectively within.

Although it’s a lateral conversation, I contend all genuine alien and UFO sightings can be explained away accordingly. There’s a blindingly obvious crossover between shape shifting lizards, demons and extra terrestrials that isn’t merely collective disbelief. It’s cleaner to term the whole lot as ‘extra dimensionals’. Maybe that’s already been coined, I don’t know, don’t care, won’t look. This ‘closeness’ of realms is why satanists et al are more likely to experience tangible results versus those of us that work with the loftier forces. Quite simply, it’s not a level playing field from the material perspective, which lends to all kinds of disbelief and abandonment of the better spirits and gods. Ironically, the folks with the real power are the good guys, it’s just they’re effectively ‘further away’ from us, being very subtle and far too nebulous for the linear mind. In Christian terms, you need to put a lot more into god than the devil to get results. If only people were formally taught these things.

God is the butterfly that flaps Her wings and causes a hurricane, for reasons we cannot comprehend. The devil is the ignorant wanker that lobs a nuke into it, for reasons best known to himself and all of his chuds.

Some leftist space shaman. Oh okay, me then. It always feels so pompous to quote yourself. Have you ever noticed how New Agers et al love to quote themselves?
The Butterfly Effect, a form of chaos, and how spirit prefers to interact for reasons of efficiency. God is an agent of chaos? It just gets worse and worse for organised Western religion with all of their nonsense doesn’t it?

So what are these extra dimensionals doing, exactly? Well, just like us humans, they need resources to survive. Given the origins of these folks, their primary resource is emotion, which I’ve covered elsewhere. In short though, the emotion I’m speaking of is vaster than baseline human emotion. What they’re after is a spiritual resource. Exploiting the material world, and the actions of people, is a sure-fire way of generating negative emotion. Said emotion is a transformation of consciousness into something tasty-taste for these entities. I cunningly raised a question elsewhere in Earth Jakked re what happens to the water spray that detaches from the great wave… well, that’s your answer, because they’re no longer supported by the wave and will evaporate without sustenance.

The way to defend against or even fight these motherfuckers is by marshalling your higher emotional arsenal. It’s why those who’ve prayed to Jesus during alien abduction situations — for example — report alien-terror, regardless if Jesus rocked up at all. Why would (supposedly physical) space aliens fear a long-dead prophet? Now try calling Jesus in a physical abduction, and see how far it gets you. Okay, that’s harsh, still do it if it’s your bag, seriously, but you get my point. My emphasis on the physical is because alien abductions clearly aren’t that, instead being induced dream-journeys. That’s easy to spot from my shaman’s-eye-view. Most other people would naturally try to rationalise it as a material experience, laugh and check themselves in for medication. Unlike with my answer.

The case study of a Mr Robert Calvert, the first known prototype shaman fighter pilot, and a handsome fellow to boot. In this example, psychoactive substances proved highly effective and fuelled multiple interstellar excursions, before his untimely crash landing on planet Medusa, may his genius forever rest in peace.

It’s not energy-efficient for extra dimensionals to press more than ‘their hands’ against the material realm. I classify UFOs in this sense, which is why they’re not as subject to spacetime as we’d otherwise expect. Their being here to the level of visible auric phenomena suggests they could get whacked by a military response, which per the analogy would be like cutting of their hands. It seems to be a point of concern, which I assume is why they’re quick to move out of harms way. Alternatively, a shaman fighter pilot wouldn’t need any space lasers to send the little feckers packing.

An aside, which you won’t find anywhere else ever, maybe, where the following definitely isn’t conspiracy theory. Nope. I know you believe me.

The reason why the handful of in-the-know folks at the top of the pyramid downplay UFOs, perpetuate disinfor­mation, disenfranchise and marginalise research threats, has little to do with admitting to ‘alien life’ or revealing we’ve grabbed a load of their technology. That’s an old ‘civil unrest’ cover story that goes way back. Ironically though, the ‘unrest’ bit of the cover is correct and I don’t blame them for covering it up. Doesn’t make them right to do it though.

To explain what these entities are requires one to talk about the extra dimensions, enlightenment, how we interrelate, souls, spirits and all the gods, amongst other thingummies. In other words: introducing a new world order of spirit-science. Quite the natural partnership, as you’d already know. Religious orders would get chain-lynched and buggered six ways to Sunday, and that’s before people get really pissed. TV news anchors would have on-set malfunctions as their blotting paper realities starburst into bad LSD trips. Yet worst of all: QAnon grifters would pronounce themselves correct despite being wholly fucking wrong and dangerously fucking insane. The more things change, eh?

Funda­mentalists everywhere would go nuts, and rational science would become toast for all the wrong reasons. There’ll be sheer fucking mayhem, because people have been systematically exploited, turned against themselves and others, and lied to for millennia, intentionally and otherwise. Nobody with power wants to or is capable of facing down that revolution. It’s a cat that can’t be put back in the bag. When the gods become a science approved truth-with-benefits for the masses, and you’re the oppressor — even down to the lowly traffic-warden earning an honest crust — you’re royally fucked. I mean, it’s game over for society. I hate to sugar coat it like that though.

Now speaking frankly, and as a lifelong wannabe pacifist revolutionary, whatever happens after the initial firing squad frenzy would be far, far darker than what we presently have to endure. It’d be even worse than season 8 Game of Thrones, which was allegorical. Not enough folks are emotionally (and thus spiritually) mature enough to handle that shit just yet. I mean, the fallout after that season hasn’t stopped. Every motherfucker will claim to be the voice of God to justify everything they do. Sounds familiar? I know, so donate generously to my Patreon and together we can save the unbelievers in preparation for The Harvest.

Anyway, deteriorating events would force us back into the dark ages in a desperate attempt to at least have a satisfying prequel where Ned doesn’t die. Trust me when I assure you that I speak as a (not the) motherfucking voice of God. I’m all about balance. My balance; again, Patreon, people, get with the program already.

…And we’re back! Thank you for staying, and now let’s return to irregular programming:

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I need to develop the defensive concept before moving along. Firing up your positive emotions (that is: not fear) is your survival tool. For most that’d require a collect call to name-of-your-god, Jesus or Archangel Michael and so forth, it’s all good. Having the presence of mind to do so at the time of asking may be problematic, because your consciousness would have been dragged closer to the soul (subconscious) level. Or in other words, like a lucid dream. Furthermore, you’d be submersed in a vile environment, and could drop into fear paralysis. If you’ve a history of being spiritually attacked, you might be in very hot water indeed, because there’ll be deep hooks into your soul they’ll be able to utilise. In the final analysis, much of what happens in these scenarios is autosuggestion and smoke-and-mirrors shit. That’s how the fourth dimension works; it’s about creating reality for oneself. The soul’s great at doing it of course, except isn’t overly self-aware at the same time, so… is easy to get rolled over. In extreme circumstances shit does get real, but that’s not a concern for most.

These entities feed on negative emotions. Devil-worshippers, other cultists and religious leaders, plus run-of-the mill sociopaths can be grafted onto this layered onion. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that some spirits are sociopathic, so it’s all one big glob of nasty that Good folks like you and I take issue with. The primary driver for team evil is the same as ours, being the survival need. Or in their case, goading folks into having a really shitty day and consuming the ill-fruits thereof, including supersizing with extra helpings of soul disintegration. Children are especially pure emotional transceivers in this regard, and I won’t elaborate further because you can figure out all the appalling situational variations yourself.

What 2024, and the next one thousand years could look like…

A peaceful realm of loving kindness is the antithesis of what the extra dimensionals require from humanity and elsewhere. Isn’t it interesting that we’re really good at perpetuating destruction? Blame it on ego, avarice and so forth, but there are unseen forces tipping the scales. It’s unfair to conclude that humanity overall is dire because that’s not the whole picture. It’s a common enough theme though. This is all part of the soul’s journey, because great challenge fuels the evolution of consciousness. This is exactly the point where conspiracy nuts say all the powerful people are reptiles, which brings this back to the topic in hand. Well — spoiler alert — they ain’t reptiles. The film They LiveExternal hyperlink wasn’t a documentary after all, it was a blatant lie! I know, right?

Some of these people are ‘The Sock Puppets from Dimension X’. To be fair, some alt commentators essentially state this, it’s just I don’t think the related physical shape shifting is a sane conversation. Nearly all of these sock puppets will be clueless about what’s influencing them. The crazies amongst them who’ve made ill spiritual compacts won’t though. Described (psychic) visuals of lizards floating behind folk with hands in spines is correct, because that’s about compromising the chakra system, being the soul ‘part’ pressing against the physical world. That compromise can be tangible, and I speak from direct experience. Being aware of what that experience is isn’t necessarily obvious though. Lateral meditation, when approached from a defensive ‘push that fucking shit away from me’ mindset will perform wonders, but to resolve entity situations requires further work.

The human perceptual system can be fooled pretty easily, and when having a moment of clairvoyance, you’d swear blind you’ve just witnessed your first live Pokemon. The clairvoyance (as such) doesn’t have to originate from you, either. We are transceivers, and will always be transceivers. Therefore what we see can also be a projection. This understanding is critical to everything I’m writing here. Typically, we don’t think of things in this way — yay for collective ignorance. We’ve been disarmed, pretty much ever since we fell out of the DreamtimeExternal hyperlink era, I reckon without any proof, where we seemed to have coexisted in a seamless spiritual and realm-straddling state.

A still from the film Jupiter Ascending. Nasty buggers, and not to be messed with lightly.

So what do these lizards look like then? Well, you most likely already know, because some popular culture has pretty much nailed it. Their heads are lizard-shaped, rather than human. Images giving them human features are incorrect. The film Jupiter AscendingExternal hyperlink has bang-on visuals, which isn’t that surprising when you consider who wrote and directed it. I’ve seen-in-passing one of those big nasty winged lizards in one of my journey-dreams. It sat within a pool of its own darkness whilst slaves carried it on a small litter. It oozed evil don’t-fuck-with-me power and had a regal countenance. It was incidental to where I was at, which was a kind of a transit hub between pocket realms, like something improbable you’d see in Star Trek. I don’t expect you to believe me, unless you’re already a shaman. And if you are a shaman and still don’t understand any of this, go back to shaman school, because you’re not what you think you are.

My earliest lizard experiences were with the priestly classes, which isn’t something I’ve stumbled across in my web trawling at time of writing. I honestly don’t follow that stuff though, so maybe it’s well-known. Anyway, their Egyptianesque garb and divine sidelocks intrigues me to this day. The similarity with our earlier cultures isn’t random. As mentioned earlier, there’s a bit of splash between our reality and theirs, even down to the material structures we build here. Per my fractured memories, these lizards didn’t directly harm me, but I’ve been assured since that they did. It makes sense; others performed the violence whilst they programmed and conditioned my soul. They were an ongoing force in my subjugation and tended to parade me around. There was some truly horrific stuff I remember enduring prior to them rocking up, so I guess they were the glam boys. The term mercenary motherfuckers can be liberally sprinkled upon them without damaging your piety stats.

To conclude this head feckery, no, lizard people aren’t a fleshy thing, but yes there are lizard-like entities lurking in what most folks call the spirit realms. Those entities exist ‘nearby’ and we get splash over. They’re evil psychopathic motherfuckers that feed from negative emotion. Given collective human ignorance, they’re having a feeding frenzy. It’s a bit like human batteries in The Matrix film, even though that’s an immediate analogy for something else. Simple. (I had to mention The Matrix at some stage to ensure you’d slander me as a conspiracy theorist, despite my sincerest protestations to the contrary.)

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