Lateral Meditation & Chakra Strengthening


There’s a really simple way to expand your presence. People typically call this kind of thing ‘chakra opening,’ but that’s a misunderstanding. It can lead to that, but it’s not a likely outcome for most, thus it’s not the technique’s goal. However, if you’re already into energy work, this should bring immediate results.

This page is a crossover to the Weapons Grade project.


In time-honoured tradition there are caveats you need to grok before gorging on all the sweeties:

1Boots on the ground. It’s the Earth Jakked mantra. You’re going to be moving into de­stabilising emotion­al terri­tory. Why? Because you’re being amplified. That means all your unresolved stuff is getting louder and heavier for the ride, and it’ll cause you to wobble.

2Keep your emotions and passions in check. Unless you’ve had similar experi­ences, you’ll have no idea what’s coming at you.

3If you’ve got hang-ups, especially with sexual­ity and relig­ion, you probably shouldn’t be doing this. Amplifying your lower chakras is going to trash your cherished belief system. There’s a reason why Tantra is ‘a thing’ and guru-like people often have wild sex lives.

The Buddhists have a saying the goes something like this:

“There are two paths to enlightenment: the first is to study for many years, and then with something special, you might attain enlighten­ment. The other path just requires something special.”

Humour aside, it’s both as simple and yet more complex than that. Slow and steady wins the race, because ‘having something special’ doesn’t mean ‘also lacking lifetimes of baggage.’ There’s a reason why Buddhism is so strong on psychology.


I’ve coined the name ‘Lateral Meditation’ because I don’t know who else is already doing it and what they’ve called it. I don’t doubt it’s a matter-of-course for some people. It’s not complex at all, no secret sauce so-to-speak.

I used to perform a variation for spiritual self-defence. It was some­thing I spontaneously came up with when I was under attack as a teen. It wasn’t until decades later it dawned on me that it was the same thing as expanding presence.

It wasn’t a massive leap, it’s just I hadn’t thought about it much. I then applied it in a new context, with instant results. Like everything truly spiritual, “it’s the intention, stupid!”

A man with all the wealth in the world is as poor as the next if he lacks the intent to use it.

The Technique

I prefer minimum effort and maximum efficiency. Lateral Meditation firmly hits that nail on the head. What makes it so different from the various iterative ilk of ‘transcendental meditation’ is that it’s entirely about the energy end of the equation, and isn’t related to coercing the physical body into a conducive state. You can’t monetise the former, but you can create institutions around the latter. I’m just saying.

The advantage of a physical experience-leading-to-a-spiritual-one is that it can be taught. The disadvantage of Lateral Meditation is that it’s a knack. So I guess you’re going to need something special after all?

The good news is if you’re familiar with meditation you’ve probably got this.

How To

1Sit quietly in a meditative mind­set. (You may also choose to lay down, stand, skydive… whatever works for you, but I recommend being stationary whilst learning.)

2If you’re already familiar with feeling your chakra or energy centres, then you’re nearly there. If you’re not, it’s a big part of the knack you need to learn.

The knack is how to feel within, and the best place to understand this is (usually!) with the heart centre.

  • Think of a loving memory. Good places to start are: your partner, children, pets, nature. Anything that makes you smile with warmth.
  • Hold that thought and move your attention to your heart. You should be feeling some­thing.
  • Hold the feeling and let go of the memory.
  • You’re now experiencing joy, love and happiness without a stimulus… so now it’s safe to sell all those Ferraris.
  • There are ways to maintain that feeling, and they’re the KEY comp­onents of the knack. Experiment. The best clue I can provide is that it’s an internal, inwards-facing experi­ence. You can’t grab at it. You have to allow it, or ‘flow’ with it and ‘merge’ into it. It’s the inverse of your likely natural reaction. The feeling will fill you.
  • Let the feeling dissolve.
  • Now choose to feel it again. If you need to recall a happy memory, that’s okay. Keep practising, and then soon you won’t need a stimulus.
  • You have become aware of your heart chakra. Take the essence of this, the knack, and focus on your other chakras. You should begin to feel them.

3Become aware your chakras. For begin­ners, you’ll find good value in sweeping up/down your body, feeling each chakra in turn.

4Begin lateral expan­sion. Your focus can be on one or all of your chakras. Beginners should focus on just one.

  • If you’re into ‘chakra opening’ stuff, instead of opening forwards and out, just push sideways. Keep it simple: you don’t need to go into fancy visualisations, that’s largely to keep the mind enchanted and sell you product.
  • For everyone else, you need to laterally expand the chakras or chakra that you’re focused upon. I find there are two ways to do this, which can also work in unison:
    • Laterally push out from the centre of the chakra.
    • Laterally pull the chakra outwards, which initially ‘feels’ like pulling apart cheese-laden pizza slices, or cracking an egg.
  • The pushing is a bit like this: imagine you’re standing in a tight corridor. You place your hands on either wall, then push the walls away. Now bring that concept back to your chakra. Imagine your hands are in the middle of it, palms outwards facing either side of you. Now push your hands out, feeling your chakra. The push requires effort, as if you really were pushing corridor walls.
  • I prefer to push in the context of protection, and pull in the context of expansion.
  • You can repeat this with your other chakras. Just go with the feelings, don’t try to analyse it or be particular and pedantic. When you become fluid, you’ll be able to casually expand your entire system whilst walking about and doing stuff.
  • Experiment with ways to intensify the feelings. The lateral push is just the starting point. Feel your chakras and ‘fall’ into them. The sages weren’t kidding when they talked about the inner journey.


The more you do this, the easier it gets, and the stronger your system becomes. The stronger your system becomes, the more you’ll start ‘knocking on the door’ of genuine chakra opening. This is a big deal and not to be approached lightly.

Opening chakras will change your life and, if you’re full of aforementioned baggage, it’ll likely destroy you. Or rather: you’ll destroy you whilst thinking you’re having a great time. The worst part of that is the collateral damage to everyone else.

Unless you’re on a hair-trigger, opening chakras requires a lot of effort, but we’re all setup differently in this regard. Generally speaking, you’ll only open up if you attempt to do so, your system has the capacity and you can raise enough energy.

You’ll feel profound changes, and lush inner-feelings – good feelings – which you can relax into and fill yourself with. Sit within those feelings and experiment on how to intensify them. This is where heart-felt devotional prayer and surrender etc. can reap huge dividends. Things will ebb and flow, and allow that. Your system will improve, grow and develop like any living thing. Keep the practise up, and great things will come.