So You Think You’re Going Nowhere?

This piece is around 450 words and will take a couple of minutes to read. October 2021.

The path can be very rough. What the finger on the hand wants and needs isn’t the same for the rest of the body. It’s hard for the finger to comprehend anything other than itself, and lacking that bigger idea, things grind.

You can desire spiritual experiences as much as you like, but if your spirit has other motives and plans, it’s going to be deeply frustrating. You might fall into bad choices and ways. Perhaps that was the test all along, but you’ll never find satisfaction with such an answer.

Being our best self is always the plan, the only journey in town, regardless of the road taken. That is the spiritual pathway, and it can be as mundane as, well, hell.

Think of things in terms of energy, a special kind of energy you can’t directly measure. Imagine you have this energy in you and each time you have an emotion it fires off. How much self control do you have? When you consider the true spiritual masters in this world, note how self-control is a fundamental way of being for them. You won’t hear them screaming obscenities at the person who cut them up in traffic.

Replace this special energy with something more tangible, like a gun. Okay, so a gun isn’t a true equivalency, but it does slot into the bigger picture. In some countries, like the USA for example, guns are the spirit. Going back to the road-rage incident and arming people with guns doesn’t take a leap of imagination in how that all ends.

Now take away the differentiation between firing and not-firing, e.g. the gun goes off each time you look at, or even think of someone, with anger, frustration or even wrong-desire. Not all shots land, or hit with force, but the gun fires regardless. Make the gun invisible so you don’t even know you’re carrying it, then turn everyone into children, being unable to grasp the consequences of their actions.

The path can be very rough, and it’s for a damned good reason. You might struggle to feel anything much in spiritual terms, and actually, that’s perfectly okay. Always be your best self — which is the deepest journey you can ever undertake — and you’ll end up in good company, along with all the spiritual masters.

Some pretty flowers in Leh, Ladakh, India

Of course, if everything were so simple, we’d all be gurus by now. Being one’s best self requires ego ‘repurposing’ beyond anything you think you’ve already achieved. If you don’t think that applies, then get off the roundabout and try again. Welcome to the spiritual pathway.

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