Softening The Soul

This is an 1400 word piece, and about a 5 minute read. This is a crossover piece with EJT, and addresses inner healing and gentle soul recovery. Last edit: July 2022.

The Earth Jakked Technique (EJT) focuses on positive trait reinforcement and was developed from an original electrical power supply analogy. It works on the assumption that our inner emotional ‘wiring’ may be disconnected, tangled, or malfunctioning. What it doesn’t directly address is that ‘malfunctioning’ can be a symptom of soul-trauma issues that need to be tackled in another way alongside EJT.

Soul trauma creates internal fragmentation, where pockets of consciousness isolate, detach and even atrophy, like a mismanaged garden going to seed. As humans, we assume there’s a single root of consciousness supporting a single inner voice. That’s not the case, but initially it’s hard to grasp. The soul isn’t a linear and singular thing, and I’ve begun to address that elsewhere in WGSS. From the biological angle, animals aren’t (and cannot by definition be) ‘singular’ things, instead being collections of smaller things, ostensibly working together.

I often use a newscaster (or news actor) analogy to make that point. The newscaster is the point of focus and delivery, and clearly there’s just the one of them. However, invisible to the viewer are the hundreds of production staff preparing scripts and producing the show. What the newscaster reports is someone else’s words, subject to a bit of style and ad-libbing, and that someone else will vary from story to story and day to day. Yet because the viewer experiences a single point of delivery, it appears to be a single stream of consciousness, originating at the end point.

When a soul is traumatised (wounded) the seamless newscaster production team breaks down. Bias and blind spots develop in the reporting, and contradiction flares between sentences. The newscaster leans heavily into ad-libbing, which can cause further problems. The newscaster has no idea what’s going on behind the scenes of course, because they’re not the original source of consciousness. Thus, they’re doing the best they can with what they’ve got. Improving the newscaster’s appearance and delivery isn’t going to address the problem.

To align this newscaster analogy with the power supply one, imagine having seven major looms of wiring between the power supply and the single outlet. Each wire within each loom carries a signal that’s eventually muxed (combined in some way) at the point of delivery. Now assume something big and ugly smacks into that wiring. The impact trauma disconnects a couple of wires and degrades others, which creates resistance, and distorts delivery. In electronics, resistance causes heat and when unmitigated, can result in wires melting, fusing together and catching fire.

I liken soul trauma to a hardening of the soul. The threatened soul is akin to a frightened animal retreating into its shell, spitting or raising spines etc. That action interferes with its normal behaviour (like a resistance), because it’s gone into survival mode. When repeatedly harmed, the soul-animal is traumatised to the stage of constant retreat. The slightest interaction with it triggers a disproportionate response.

Soul hardening impacts our waking consciousness and can fuel negative-feedback cycles of e.g. emotional detachment, cynicism, self-doubt, self-harm and all the rest. EJT attempts to balance the malaise by amplifying and reinforcing positive traits. In time, the ‘new’ traits naturally override the undesirable ones because (per the electronics analogy) their signal is stronger. However, this is precisely the point where the extra work’s required for those with deeper trauma. The reason being that EJT essentially replaces bad signals with good ones, but requires the same wires. Thus in the analogy here, it can’t (and fails to) address a critical point of failure, being disconnected wiring.

So what to do? The technical answer is: reconnect the damn wires. More esoterically, the immediate answer is: check if the cause of disconnection is still present in the system. That’s not for this discussion, however, because it gets super wriggly real quick, and is too contentious for the EJT project. Reconnection is pretty straightforward for the majority of cases, whereas complex and more degraded situations require deeper work than covered here.

The applied method is the same thing a loving parent would do for their crying child, or a loving pet owner would do for their frightened animal. It’s a good helping of compassion, tender loving care, softness, empathy and respect. For our purposes, you’re both the parent and the child, owner and the pet, and all at the same time. So no fibbing, because you’ll know when you are, and remain alert to avoid falling into duality, as (unintentionally) implied by these analogies. Your inner child is you, and within you, and never some external interaction.

Like pretty much all inner-healing, it’s a qualitative exercise that ultimately relies on describing a knack, and ‘getting’ that knack. To approach this, meditation is required. Given the hardness of the soul, I suggest doing this in the evening when tired and suggestive, but not when overtired. Familiarity with Lateral Meditation might prove helpful. (For anyone who experiences spiritual assaults, or has disturbing dreams, don’t ever do ‘stuff’ when you’re tired, unless you know your shit. Incidentally, Lateral Meditation can be used defensively, though I’ve yet to write about that.)

You have to relax within that gentle, soft and self-embracing meditational space. Not just physically, but emotionally. That’s roughly-precisely it. You need to emotionally breathe out, uncoil and open your eyes again. Old, ingrained patterns of survival have to be released for new patterns of living. Recall the parent-child analogy and role play it through, but don’t focus on your words, focus on your feelings. Words are only useful if they elicit feeling, but in themselves mean nothing much to the soul. Avoid the duality trap of speaking at your soul, because unless you’re adept at speaking with it, it won’t have the impact you’d wish for.

Consider how it feels to be the parent and the child. What do you, the child, need from you, the parent? You need to blend all of that together and sit within that emotional energy, and just be totally chill with it all. Tree hug yourself. Feel sweetness within. Feel inner release; that dissolution of tension, like experiencing acupuncture for the first time, except now it’s with your soul. For some, it’ll be like soaking in the dawn warmth after years of nuclear darkness. And once the sun treads that rising curve, the only way is up.

With any healing at this level, it’s important to remember that you’re working with your emotions. Soul-level emotion is vaster than humans can grasp, and as such will trip us up. Can you appreciate the emotional release that accompanies this work? It’s like a shimmering waterfall cascade, and you’ll be right in the middle of it. That’s not a bad or dangerous thing; but if you’re not expecting it, it’ll dip you under whilst you thrash for dry ground.

This inner work will rejoin aspects of your consciousness. The parts that are most ready and able will reconnect first, which could even be immediately. The other parts will do so within their own time. Opening the inner door and being soft and welcoming will go a long, long way to speeding that up. The key is in the attraction, like attracting a partner. If you’ve a host of surface problems, it’s going to be heavy going indeed.

As mentioned, one of the ‘strange’ things with the soul is that from a human perspective it can appear to be a collection of multiple different consciousnesses, because we struggle with concepts of parallelism. This is most evident in reconnection scenarios, where the figurative child can be really pissed at you for reasons you may or may not understand. That’s why softness is of primary importance. You have to be genuinely soft, loving and forgiving for those disconnected selves to feel secure enough to return.

Pretty much all creatures great and small love to be held, to be soothed, stroked and coddled. Thus also goes the soul, your soul, you, except this is all done within you, and by you. You’re worthy of the most profound love, but only you can truly allow the light of softness to flood your senses again. Start within, and start with the power supply. Then everything will change, in time. You can do it, because it’s your nature to do so, because it’s who and what you truly are. Be beautiful, always.

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