The Pillars of Manifestation

This is a 4100 word piece about manifestation, what it means and how to do it, and about a sixteen minute read. Last edited: October 2022.


I originally wrote a crossover blue and red pill piece on mani­fest­ation, but decided to split them up so I can write a great deal more for Weapons Grade.

Despite the splitting of the worlds, I still recommend reading Manifesting Affirmations. It’s lightweight, yet conveys a solid philos­ophy that’s both supportive and preparatory to the below.

In this piece, the actual how-to is right at the end. I would prefer that you don’t skip to it, which now I’ve flagged you’ll inevitably do. Weapons Grade isn’t meant for folks with the attention span of fruit flies. Meanwhile, here’s a single-use red button to play with whilst reading, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

The post introduction

Whenever someone starts talking about ‘pillars’ in a spiritual or even psychological context, you know something fishy is going on.

Every moment of every day is framed by individual and collective manifestation, be that consciously or otherwise. There isn’t a binary on/off switch and manifestation isn’t something ‘extra’ or separate or even unusual. Effort is a primary determiner on a sliding scale which ranges from apathy to full engagement. Manifestation is like breathing, which is like meditation. It constitutes the essence of spirit and yet, here in our world nestled in this tiny corner of the galaxy, all we generally know is that some shit works and other shit doesn’t. More confusingly, what you and I want, isn’t necessarily what our respective spirits want, which means we’ll also receive stuff right out of the blue.

There are several key pillars towards enjoying a manifestation-rich life. Having achieved none or only some of them doesn’t preclude successful manifestation, in the same way that having limited resources doesn’t necessarily preclude having a comfortable lifestyle. However, if the latter is built upon apathy, ignorance and circumstance, be mindful of where that could ultimately lead to. The lack of conscious manifestation equates to a surrender of power and is like an uncontrolled kite blowing in the wind. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, being tugged this way and that by the whims of your environment is no way to be. 

In true New Age fashion, I’m going to define the pillars like some sort of card-collecting game. Heck, maybe each one could be the focus of a book I’ll later attempt to hard-sell you? But I’m not that kinda guy, as you’d already know. I don’t need to sell you anything and I don’t require you to read anything here at all so I can feel better about my life and post selfies etc.

Anyway, back on track and in keeping with rent-a-gurus I was totally fibbing about those pillars! Yup, there aren’t any, but it made for a catchier and more pretentious headline than the stone-cold truth allowed for. That’s right, you’ve been click baited into my master plan. You see, these ‘pillars’ are really facets of spirit and not individuated thingummies at all. You might not think of conceptual pillars as being separate, but the nature of pillars definitely implies that. We do it all the time because it’s how we perceive reality (as a collection of individuated items) and when it comes to spirit at the personal level that’s not how it is. And that is literally the first pillar – uhm, facet I mean. Good, eh?

And now somewhat remorsefully, the true title for this piece sits below:

The facets (not pillars, being individuated notions) of manifestation, being the same whole and not some random clusterfuck of shit that I read about somewhere or stole from bloody YouTube for god’s sake. Seriously.

Cow say “Asha” and making an arse out of the Law of Attraction.

The second facet is comprehending Asha. You might have already encountered that as the ‘Law of Attraction’ which for me at least is a bit like a Hindu worshipping a cow’s arse, being wholly ignorant of the cow itself and thus the entire fucking point. Having intimately studied both, I can confirm Asha is both simpler and way more attractive than a cow’s arse, thus I recommend ceasing this unholy fixation upon cow arses right away! Finally, someone came out and said it.

The third facet is balance, and a bit of a wriggly worm. In common literature, the assumption is you’re a vanilla rainbow-chasing angel fancier and all you want is an extra squirt of mayonnaise. So I’m not knocking that, I mean I’d swallow it, because like angels are fucking hot an’ all, but for a large bunch of people that’s not what they need. Therefore balance is highly subjective, and that’s before I even explain what I mean by it. In fact, I should write a book, because it’s quite the conversation. Hey now…

The fourth facet is one I’m making up just to make the list longer and thus appear more credible. I mean, if there’s just three facets I can’t pitch for a film to be made out of it. Do you remember The Celestine Prophecy?External hyperlink It became this super film (which is recommended viewing) that only worked because there were more than three insights. And what about all those ‘Chicken soup for his wallet’ books (which instantly turned off all the potential vegetarian and vegan readers, you know, those folks following a spiritual lifestyle, oh how I laughed) I mean that was a chicken dinner for sure.

The sixth facet is about axe grinding and why we shouldn’t fall into doing so, especially when we platform ourselves on unaccountable websites. This behaviour invalidates the third facet because it means we’re mean and grumpy and possibly an evil dwarf. Luckily this doesn’t apply to me because a secret, invisible and uncountable facet tells me so, along with pretty much anything else that’s convenient to haul me across the line of human decency.

The ninth and final facet, also called the ‘thirteenth facet’ and sometimes known and the ‘zero-point facet’ is a facet of the second and third facets, which themselves are facets of the first facet. This was personally conveyed to me by this winged and sandalled stoner dude on a spaceship, and it’s called right effort. The Buddhists have that market pretty-well sewn up and there’s nothing much I can add to it without sounding really stupid and obviously-not-a-Buddhist. Therefore, in light of this I’m forced to denounce all such language as heretical and instead relate it as ‘good effort’. This is in keeping with Mazdan lingo which all the kool kidz* are using these days.

*Well, me, anyway. Sure is lonely here!

A feast in a nutshell

John was a regular guy, but after his mushroom-fuelled whizz off the edge of an Andean mountain was turned into a film, he was never quite the same again.

In a randomly-ordered summary of the previous summary, combined with additional thoughts slipped in that were neither previously defined nor argued, and further diffused into more points than above, and all for general ease of grok, coupled with easy-to-read sentences that may or may not form the basis of a future film, I’m just saying and putting it out there because it’s not vanity that drives this, and I don’t want any confusion, but don’t get me started on jealousy okay?


All things are spirit in some form or another depending how you draw the line. All things experienced by us mortals ultimately flows from spirit nature. Manifestation is to spirit as the human body is to man. From the spirit’s perspective, there’s no separation between spirit and man, as the fingers on the hand aren’t to the human body. Therefore, manifestation, being the nature of spirit, isn’t something ‘separate’ or ‘extra’ or something to be begged for. It is intrinsic and natural and right.


We live in a manifestation sandbox because we’re a bunch of reckless fuckwits. If you need proof, I refer you to all-of-human-history. Sure, there are some good bits in there, but it’s not the norm. One benefit of the sandbox is to help the soul evolve without causing too much destruction. And if you think that’s amusing, consider what would happen were you to think angry thoughts about someone whilst outside of that sandbox? There are stories of teen-Jesus having killed folks from harsh language. Consider that.

The other way to understand the sandbox is that typically there’s a great deal of inertia between cause and effect. In Ireland we have a term for it, which is bog snorkellingExternal hyperlink. Specifically, peat bogs, of which there are many. Thrash as much as ye like, it’ll take an age to achieve anything much. However, every action still has an effect but it’s strongly dampened. So all those nasty thoughts about someone? They still matter, they really do, and they stack up. There are many other factors at play of course but the core takeaway is don’t do that shit if you ever wish to join with the grown-ups.


Asha is like really cool, man you know? It can be harnessed as a self-encapsulating blessing that passes judgement to god (or whomever your main squeeze is) and ensures nothing untoward happens. By ‘untoward’ I mean bad shit and stuff that chases you across lifetimes. Nobody wants that for you. Asha is the same as breathing, which is the same as meditation and spirit. However, baby sandbox steps, yes? Asking for a bunch of stuff is great, but only your spirit knows what’s right.


The concept of balance is nuanced and depends upon the make-up of the spirit and soul. What’s right for one person isn’t always going to be right for the next. Broadly speaking, underlying spirit and soul natures can be grouped. New Age shtuff tends to assume everything is rainbow sparkles because the alternative is too scary to think about and results in questions that challenge belief systems. Those systems having largely been built upon assumptions, fallacies and hope. Again, the thinking tends to be binary and exclusively this or exclusively that. None of that is real. It’s why such folks are in the sandbox too.

If you like spicy food, then live on spicy food. If you prefer blandness, then eat blandly. If you love meat, eat that, and vegetables, then those as well. That’s all well-and-good, but the takeaway is that the taste aligns with your soul and spirit and not with the latest advertised product you’re drooling over. Manifesting responsibly instead of all the damned time for all and sundry will maintain the flow. That’s balance.

Meditation is a doorway to balance, but it isn’t enough in isolation. Other considerations include soul healing and retrieval, energy body cleansing, the removal of blockages, implants, leeches and other unwanted energy influences (all the way up to possession). So a lot of shit then, some of which I’ve yet to address on this platform, and so good luck with that.

Meanwhile, for the remaining 99.99% of humanity that are somewhat compromised within their spiritual perfection, we have to make do with what we have. Making do whilst being sensitive to who and what we truly are is also called ‘balance’. That’s far easier said than done. Generally speaking, most folks are clueless. You think you want ambrosia because that’s what all the articles say? What if that’s poisonous to your spirit? Yet choking on ambrosia doesn’t make you evil. Only being evil makes you evil. Binary thinking isn’t helpful because it’s like saying ‘Hey, agree with me or I won’t listen!’ There’s so much going on here and so much more to write about, but that’s not for today.


Balance ties in with the nature of fundamental self-awareness. You should experience a calmness that flows from a deep well of wisdom. That calmness and wisdom helps you understand what you truly need and how to formulate it. Without it, your manifestation can be trivial, childish, self-defeating and harmful towards others. Low hanging off-the-shelf teachings on manifestation don’t go far beyond self-gratification. There’s a reason for that; folks want instant sensation and so the market fulfils and squeezes as much as it can get. That doesn’t make it ‘bad’ per se, because it offers bespoke lessons in manifesting personal catastrophe. Adversity is a great teacher an’ all.


Asha is the universal flow, the breath-essence of spirit. It is the Word and the creator of all things. Yet Asha isn’t this mystical force in the way we’d imagine. It’s as much a type of energy as an organic neural network is (e.g., the brain), or a multi-dimensional tapestry woven by kindly bullet-dodging spiders wearing snappy shades and leather trench coats. I use those examples because they are pertinent.

Consider every choice and action weaves a path through life. Imagine it’s like a neural network growing a new node with new links and opportunities. There’s a reason why the brain and nervous system corresponds to the nature of all-that-is, and that’s because everything everywhere is derived from everything else. Sometimes more directly than at other times and typically incorporating a dimensional flip or rotation. It’s why nature’s patterns are universal. Astute readers might have connected this definition of weaving a network to the karmic interplay between souls and the cutting of ties. So you think your network is separate to my network? Facets, not pillars.


Blessing a manifestation with the higher nature of Asha ensures created patterns remain within the parameters for good growth. In other words, it works within the status-quo and delivers what’s needed. Isn’t that a doozy? Everyone wins. Why would anybody anywhere want anything different to this? And yet, the world as we know it persists. You want binary? Then that’s the choice between heaven and hell; sharing, social inclusion and equity versus greed, ivory towers and selfishness. Or in other words: facets vs pillars. Funny that.

The aforementioned ‘status-quo’ is what’s considered good consequence and is wholly out of our hands. For example, someone somewhere suffers a loss in order to fulfil your need. Handing off to Asha ensures there’s no adverse karma for the manifestor. If someone else suffers a knock, it’s because that was advantageous for their growth. Long-short, don’t worry, because it’s for the greater good of God, others and thyself, and in that order. Should you ever worry that manifesting is going to harm others then just stop and sort that shit out right away. No one is being spiritually harmed unless you’re intending that kind of thing and not blessing with Asha. Without knowing about Asha, good people can fall into the worry-trap that they might be harming others. This is tied into lack and self-worth etc. Understand Asha and square the worthiness circle, because Asha gives you what you need at the right time in the right way for the right reasons and for the right result.

Third summary, being the one that incorporates practical effort or: how I stopped worrying and learned to love having thingummies

The recipe for good manifest­ation is this:

  • raised energy;
  • right intent;
  • emotional focus; and
  • the spoken word.
The hand of Palin
Is it true that too much visualisation makes you go blind? No. That’d be mixed metaphors.

This next bit may sound heretical (who me?) but visualisation isn’t required. I know, right? But if you’re more comfortable with that kind of thing, go for it, because it’s all good and still helps.

I find it amusing that the wise owls who jive about manifestation (and sometimes charge you for it) assume or insist that visualisation is key. What’s happening there is a natural and unconscious bias of assumption (and we all do that, I’m not casting stones. Well I am of course because it’s fun and I can get away with it from here.)

In their experience, manifestation requires visualisation because that’s how it naturally works for them. They can’t conceive of it being otherwise, in the exact same way a sighted person doesn’t throw on a blindfold to pop down to the corner shop. That’d be unthinkable madness for sure. The visually impaired however have quite a different opinion on the matter. And so it is with manifestation for those who cannot visualise. Consider a world where the blind are told that it’s impossible for them to go outside, because the sighted majority can’t imagine how they’d manage it. We’re not that far apart, in truth. Gate keeping is never a good look, however unintentional.

Here are the steps:

  1. You need to be able to raise energy. That might sound a bit daunting, and for some it will be. However, if you’re used to meditating, then it should be simple enough. If you’re into colour breathing and so forth, use that technique. Essentially, you need to feel the energy in one or more of your chakras, intensify and then coalesce. I know, I know, that’s a giant leap all of a sudden but the Weapons Grade piece on Lateral Meditation talks all about it.
  2. Feel the energy in your chakras, such as your solar plexus and heart, and pull it all together. The heart is really important in my view, because of all that love-stuff, which is what you want the overall flavour to be. Listening to the right music or watching the right film can also heighten your energy for this kind of work.
  3. For those who like to visualise, form a ball of energy in front of you. If you’re a New Ager, download a small flying unicorn called ‘Peggy’. If you can’t visualise, then it feels just like you’re forming a field of energy in front of you, like a ball for example. And if you’re New Age and can’t visualise (and I really feel so, so sorry for you,) feel like you’ve downloaded a small flying unicorn called ‘Peggy’. Spooky, eh?
  4. State your (prepared) intentions. Your words are not separate to the energy; you’re essentially priming the energy with purpose. This is important. You’re crafting that energy with your thoughts and words. The key is to focus your intentions and not wander off thinking about shopping lists for later.
  5. Bind and bless your words and intentions within a prayer of release, being Asha (more below). Let go of the energy. Feel it moving (or flying!) away from you (push it away if you have to). That’s another one of those knack-things I guess, but shouldn’t be challenging if you’re able to laterally meditate.
  6. Have patience. It might be days, weeks or months before the results become evident. Whilst waiting, working with positive affirmations won’t hurt your chances.
Beauty, goodness and vigor

Steps 4 and 5 require further explan­ation. They are missed by those who enjoy immediate success and haven’t taken the time to think it through. As nuanced as it is, it’s also really bloody important, in the same way mountaineers use ropes to stop themselves from falling into terminal pizza.

Your intentions should be clean, direct and unambiguous. Try not to make up wishes on the spot, so develop your thoughts and words before you begin the process. A key benefit of being in balance (the third facet) is you engage with calmness and clarity.

Your thoughts and spoken words are part of the energy you’re raising. For me, there’s no dividing line between the words and the energy field; for the next person it might require a qualitative shift. You might like to think of it like blowing air (the thoughts and words) into a balloon (the ball of energy).

The prayer of release is critical, and yet it’s not something you’d normally read or hear about. Energy is an extension of the practitioner’s nature, so it’s vital to ensure the intended ‘polarity’, because life is a lot greyer than most realise. There are many ‘good’ folks who’d be rocked to their core if they could truly see themselves. If it were otherwise, the soul’s desire for physical incarnation wouldn’t be a thing. I’m not judging here, unless it involves rainbows and sparkle ponies of course, but that’s a given, right? The prayer matters because it stipulates a benign framework, regardless if the intention was screwed up and/or the energy itself is unclean.

The prayer is very simple and detailed in the following section. It’s the wrapping of the manifestation (the thoughts, the words and the energy) within the universal Law of Asha. Once you’ve bound the energy — ‘I bless and bind this force of my will, according to the Law of Asha, to constructively do the right thing &etc…‘ — you then offer it up to the universe, a preferred god, your own spirit, an Archangel &etc., whatever your belief system is comfortable with. That energy is then utilised by God et al to improve and transform the potentials around and ahead of you. The crisper and stronger that force, the better the odds. It’s cause and effect. If you make no effort, why should a God or your spirit? This is about developing the soul, and not righteous entitlement. The force you release is utilised by the higher realm and is significantly more efficient for them versus a scratch instantiation.

If the ask is out of reach, or contrary to deeper wants/needs, then don’t expect much of a return. Meanwhile, what we humans figure is possible or impossible will only ever be a naive view, so don’t over think it, just do it.

Don’t mess with the bear, as you’d already know. From the long forgotten but awesomely grand TV series ‘Brass’.

If you’re an atheist that’s made it this far, and haven’t asphyxiated from ego-preserving laughter yet, then your childhood teddy bear can be a useful false idol. I’m largely not kidding. Only the innocent bears are worthy mind you, and being devoid of religious baggage might be that pure connection you need to tap into deeper thingummies. For the technical reader, teddy becomes the pope for your spirit (that you don’t believe in). Or maybe that’s just me, and way too much information, eh? Anyway, I bet teddy looks right gorgeous in purple.

What works for me might not for you, and I don’t want anyone to get hung up on specifics. That’s the curse of sharing wisdom; people take you literally all the time and then fight wars over it. So be creative and find your own way. However, stick to the Aelfinn road and don’t wander off into the woods, ya dig? Asha is the original ‘Law of Attraction’, but feel free to substitute some other equivalent concept you’re familiar with.

Note that there’s an implied circuit breaker with Asha versus anything harmful you attempt to manifest. Asha has a built in safety system, in that it won’t allow you pull stupid shit*. Note also that (my definition of) Asha explicitly expects you to put in a shift to get what you want (instead of sitting on hands and waiting). It helps you take right action along the way.

*Subject to your spirit needing you to experience growth coming from said stupidity. It’s hazy, because how you formulate your intentions matters and has consequence, but don’t worry too hard about it. Just don’t be stupid in the first place, right?

The prayer of release and the blessing of Asha

I bless and bind this force of my will, according to the Law of Asha:
To constructively do the right thing,
At the right time,
In the right place,
With the right means,
For the right result,
For the loving good of God, others and myself.
I offer this force to Asuramazda*,
And for the fruits thereof, I am grateful.

*Substitute to taste, e.g.: my spirit, the universe, my angels… Archangel Michael, God, Great Spirit, Zeus, Baga… Tiamat, Brigantia, Nótt… (hopefully your faith is with one of the functional gods, otherwise… lol!)

Hi! I’m Peggy! And I’m a pony! Let’s play! Hi!

Baby steps is pretty much the best we’ll ever manage as hu­mans. Consider how kids need to be protected from themselves. You might have asked for beer, but instead received juice, thus getting what you needed, but not what you asked for. It’s up to you if you spit it out of the pram or not, but the juice was poured for a reason. Grasp this concept, introspect why things happen as they do, and your reality will expand. At the very least, Peggy the flying unicorn will be most pleased with you!

For the record, this approach to manifestation works supremely well for me. I can’t promise you anything much, but I do know you have every reason to try.

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