The Soul


  1. Introduction
  2. Anatomy of the soul
  3. Chakras
  4. Emotional space
  5. To infinity and beyond!
  6. Another pyramid scheme then? Ooh count me in
  7. An open and shut case

This piece is 4000 words, deals with an aspect of the soul, being the chakras, and is around about a 16 minute read. It’s mostly serious but gets real wonky in the middle because I just can’t help myself. Last edit: August 2022.


The art of metaphysics
From an old Monty Python gag about some archaeologists that dug up a giant toe and extrapolated accordingly.

In esoteric matters, ‘truth’ is like a painted hill on the corner of an infinite jigsaw. You think you know the land­scape, until a few more pieces arrive. Being wrong about the bigger picture in this sense isn’t failure, but ignoring the new pieces certainly leads to it. For me, faith is coupled with the intellectual process, and I move forwards knowing the need to backfill the certainties with better certainties later.

One of the worst crimes is dying on that corner hill surrounded by a white picket fence. Defending wrong beliefs is never a good look. Every religious war that was and will ever be is because of that. However, by far the greatest esoteric crime is failing to comprehend the information translation loss from higher dimensions to our own. It’s blindingly obvious to mathematicians and physicists, and they can provide countless demonstrations to prove their point. For us laymen, try logically relating the sequence and visuals of one of your wackier dreams, where spacetime went fishing. If you don’t have such dreams, then recode your mp3 collection to 32kb/s and see how that works out for your ears.

In the majority of mystical and religious picket-fenced circles, the notion of information loss ‘isn’t a thing’ or worse, is heretical, because of ludicrous ‘purity’ and power/control shit. I simply despair every time folks rush out to furiously repaint their precious fences. Imagine bratty children were running the world; that’s where we’re figuratively at. It’s no wonder folks like you and me get such a bad rap.

To further my point, years ago and during the time of my fall, I feverishly scribbled an entire book about all-that-is, which in retrospect only managed to prove why it can’t (and shouldn’t) be written about. It was part of my growing pains, so in a sense was useful, but I believed it to be ‘the truth’. A decade or so later, after I’d finally got over myself, I transmuted it into stardust (flame meet paper), which ironically took it closer to the source than anything I’ll ever manage again.

So about this piece. Having just stated why there’s nothing much to do, there still remains everything to be said. Talking about the jigsaw is perfectly fine because of the commonality that exists between the corners. That much, at least, can be spoken of, but only after we burn down those god-damned picket fences.

Anatomy of the soul

The great wave
So the question for today’s class is: when the spray detaches from the great wave, is it still the ocean? Answers on a prayer mat, please.

The soul isn’t something you’d typically visualise. You might figure it’s a ball of light, with a bunch of whorls on it. That’s pretty good. Or is it a small pocket reality, like a sentient forest glade with cutesy helper animals? That’s even better. Maybe it’s a beautiful beach with a hut? Or a vast pyramid with chambers? Perhaps it’s everything above, and yet none of them, and all at the same time.

If the soul is any one thing, it’s that it’s absolutely never one thing. It’s like the water in the ocean; we call it ‘ocean’, but it’s formed from countless molecules of water, each dancing their own path. Thus, it’s a collective that doesn’t have any specific parts or organs, and yet exists because of those non-specific parts. Now imagine all the ocean’s molecules exist within one-another, so you end up having this single droplet in the palm of your hand. Without the right glasses on, you’d miss the ocean for the water.

Like the ocean, the soul isn’t singular and it’s important to divest from such notions, even though that’s really difficult to do. Spacetime is a cruel master when talking game beyond it. The interface between the subconscious mind and the soul isn’t linear either, yet the soul has to touch spacetime to have presence here at all. It’s why we have countable and statically located chakras, for example. There’s a translation of the soul taking place, and like any other higher dimensional translation, there’s a significant loss of ‘information’ along the way, and things become ‘flatter’ and lose their lustre.


Capstone touching earth

One of the gross misconceptions with chakras is how they ‘open’ and pretty much how they exist in the physical at all. Imagine the Egyptian pyramids were built as vehicles for the transiting souls of their kings (and thus their earthly chakras) where the capstone is the tip touching the heavens. To better understand what this means, flip the pyramid upside down, so that the capstone’s just touching the ground. The capstone still represents the soul (and thus the chakras) but this time it’s the non-earthly form brushing against the body of the physical universe. Once it touches, it appears to linearise into a nice column of discs, due to the translation between a higher dimensional state and our one. And maybe a shit ton of weed too, I mean it’s all good.

Capstone roadkill
If only drawing the intangible was as simple as this! Note to kids: don’t draw this at home, because you might end up publishing books on it, believing it to be the only truth.

The capstone, the soul, is always non-linear, even when it’s touching the physical. We experience a degree of linearity, which is because the soul can be both at the same time. From a physics/maths perspective it would be expected behaviour. Consider: when a 3d box touches upon a paper-flat 2d world, the 2d world experiences a single face (or square), but the 3d box doesn’t ever stop being a box within the greater reality. I deal with this in Biblr, but more directly for purposes here watch this videoExternal hyperlink and you might want to read this pageExternal hyperlink. It’s very beneficial to familiarise (if not already) before proceeding. If you’re super lazy, you’ll likely be just fine (and thanks for reading this far at all! I’m still working on the emoji version).

Pyramids kissing at the event horizon. If that doesn’t turn you on, then I really don’t know how to help you?

It’s a misconception to assume that touching the physical is a once-off and fixed event. E.g., the impression made is the same for every soul and every person and never changes. I believe that’s the nub of the grokking problem folks have. The thing is, as stated above, within the 2d world, the 3d world still exists, but just not measurably so. Well… maybe, it depends who you’re talking to, and this is where shit gets super wiggly-woo.

The problem with the otherwise-excellent 3d to 2d analogy to describe the 4d to 3d reality we live within, is that the analogy is entirely bound and limited to our perception of what 3d is. Therefore, it does not indicate in any way what 4d is. Sure, there are models of hypercubes or tesseracts to be amused with, but even they are misleading for the selfsame reason. Per the 3d to 2d analogy, it’s a given that a 2d world cannot conceive of, let alone interact with a 3d world beyond its own confines. To even think so requires some kind of mystical or religious belief system that everyone else laughs at, because hey, there’s no such thing as 3d, stupid!

The salient point here being that the 3d world touches the 2d world regardless of how impossible it is to directly measure it within 2d. The next step towards a fuller understanding is knowing what the 4d to 3d situation is, and why 3d to 2d analogies can only go so far. Well, it’s very simple really, and is a bit of an anticlimax. However, ‘the devil’s in the detail’ and it’s very easy ‘to miss the woods for the trees’. The 4th dimension, as it touches everything here in spacetime, is emotional space, that is sometimes errantly pigeon-holed as being the sixth sense.

Emotional space

There’s nothing quite like repurposing someone else’s joke in new and unexpected ways. No, I’m talking about religion for once (or am I?) but some comedian ripping one of the later Jaws films. It was on YouTube, you’ll find it one day, it was hilarious. Ah well, back to my knitting my Freudian slip.

Emotion incorpor­ates everything from love to rage. Everyone experiences the power of emotion, either within themselves or more interestingly by being in the vicinity of another person, creature or entity. Think of phrases like: “he’s got bad energy”, “I got bad vibes walking into that gaff” and “Her gaze scared the living bejaysus out of me”. Ever wondered why so many people are petrified of spiders? Especially in countries where spiders are innocuous? What if some spiders hunt and attack in 4d? What if certain other animals did too? I kid you not, yet I digress and that’s a whole new conversation piece. So anyway, the woods for trees part of all this? Well, like everything else, human emotion exists within the flat-land 2d equivalent of the 3d box… except when it’s not, because however flat we are, we still exist within the greater reality box, being the soul.

I’m going to define two groupings of emotion: physical and spiritual. I’m not saying these ‘are a thing’, but what they do provide is a useful framework. There’s broadly similar jive about this in psychological literature as the id, ego and super ego and so forth, but I don’t profess expertise and like to invent my own wheels. Then hilariously backtrack when I’ve built spokeless square ones with permanently-on brakes. This is usually a bad sign and good reason not to believe anything much I say. Meanwhile, when I originally defined all of this, I had no idea what the id and super ego were, so go figure. Yup, that’s right, I know very little and I’m ignorant of quite a lot.

The two groups are analogous, interconnected, yet remain uniquely different at the same time. The physical grouping is further subdivided: I use the terms ‘primal human emotion’ and ‘experienced emotion’. The latter always keys into spiritual emotion, whereas the former does not. Primal human emotion is — in an expressly non-religious sense — the godless state, effectively isolated from the broader reality. Regardless of the experience, human emotion doesn’t necessarily impact the spiritual end as you might think, because it depends on a bunch of factors. I touch upon that in the manifestation piece, albeit a wholly different topic.

Pretty much everything you need to know. Spirit is the wine that fills the cup. This is something I was shown by spirit, subject to my mangled 3d interpretation, being the hill I’ll die on etc., alongside all the Rastafarians and LGBTQ+ folks who’ll have their own deep interpretation of the same, and god bless ’em for it. The original vision lacked banding, but I couldn’t avoid that in the physical version, so went all in instead to incorporate certain shamanic concepts.
  1. Primal human emotion is flat and bound by spacetime, which can lead to material self-knowledge amongst other side-benefits, depending what kind of mind/ego you have and your agenda. In the 3d box analogy, this is akin to the first dimension.
  2. Experienced human emotion is the gulf between the primal and spiritual emotions. It’s the blend where most people are at, and the magic between worlds that’s so normal we don’t notice it as being anything special at all. In the 3d box analogy, this is akin to the first and second dimensions.
  3. Spiritual emotion (’emotional space’) is timeless yet retains the emotional equivalence of depth, width and height, which can lead a human to spiritual enlightenment amongst other side-benefits, depending what kind of spirit/soul you have and other agenda.

Experienced human emotion is a big subject that I’m going to pretty much ignore now I’ve mentioned it! I’ll return to it in another piece about helicopters and diving bells and then cross-link when done. /get out of jail free.

The inverse of enlightenment and knowledge is equally possible if you’re a danger seeker stuck in the mire, in that you end up destroying everything. But seriously, why would you not want to better yourself? Well, sadly, it’s easy to see why some reactively flail when looking at the world’s cultures, ideologies and psychopathy in general. And if that’s too much of a stretch, just read the comments under any popular YouTube video, and try not to despair for humanity.

Returning to the box analogy. Yes, we’re back! The 2d square is a face of the 3d box, thus experienced emotion is a facet of spiritual emotion. If the 2d face is worked upon, there’s a consequential 3d box impact, and vice-versa. Imagine a diaphragm (e.g. a loudspeaker) popping in and out, affecting everything inside the box and the box surface as well. The song we sing tunes the soul and the louder we sing it, the quicker the soul harmonises. In the positive sense, this is EJT and good times. In the negative? All the shit that happens each and every day. Which song is your focus?

Once again, the 2d world has zero concept of what the 3d world is, except for the mystics, who barely ken the corners (and will fight ye for them). The better mystics are the ones beavering away upon themselves and others, because they know there’s a bigger box they can’t comprehend, thank you very much.

To infinity, and beyond!

Acorn Antiques
A much-celebrated still from the classic 80’s ‘Crossroads Motel’ TV series, where the entire universe flowed through Benny when he went within… Miss Diane that one time, but you get the gist, I mean, she certainly did as evident by her robes and rhythmic chanting.

The bridge between human and spiritual emotion is a strong one, but you’d need to be at the right ‘end’ of it for shit to get spooky. In our flatland 2d world, you need go ‘up’ a bit to get there, which of course isn’t possible. Except this extra dimension is emotion, being something that’s qualitative and a bitch to measure in spacetime beyond reducing everything to an electro-chemical reaction. Hilariously, that’s exactly the problem 2d has. Anyway, once we correctly engage emotion, going ‘up’ becomes a tangible possibility, because it wasn’t ‘up’ all-along… it was actually within. And that’s why people get so confused and never find it.

It doesn’t matter how many damned dimensions there are, going within will bring you to the crossroads of everything.

If you haggled with my mate Benny down the market for a freshly picked bag of ‘space dimensions’, ahem, and let’s say he gave you a hundred mind-bending ones, you’d be able to touch each and every one of them. Each dimension, no matter what it is, has to cross through the origin (think of the centre being a sub-atomic crossroads). The issue is you wouldn’t be able to ‘see’ those other dimensions and thus measure them with your pencil and ruler. In short, you’d probably punch Benny in the gob for ripping you off and walk away disgusted, never to return. And you’d be right too; it was a scam all along because you literally have the universe within the palm of your hand already… Well, assuming geometry remains consistent beyond 3d… uhm.

The human reaction, as I belabour elsewhere in WGSS, has been survival-conditioned to look away and outside to the physical for answers. That condition is a malaise preyed upon by investor-shareholder-profit-driven corporations amongst other gross offenders. So we stare at the horizon and glance away into space trying to spy something that’s not-a-physical-thing. Yet the origin of all things sits squarely within, no matter where you are, and will forever be so. You cannot find enlightenment in a Ferrari, but you might when you contemplate how you feel about it after some snot-nosed kid keyed it at that drug-hazed party you scored the big-titted bimbo in, who turned out the next morning to be your sister. I know, right? Don’t worry about it, at least it wasn’t your mother this time around. Progress.

To wrap this up, I’m going to return to the moment the capstone of the soul brushes against the physical. Folks get that wrong most of the time, at least from my corner-hill they do! It’s what this piece is actually about, but even reaching this lowly base camp warranted an expositional baggage train.

Another pyramid scheme then? Ooh count me in!

The enigma of information loss and distortion. So the Mona Lisa walks into a bar, and the bar tender says: ‘why the long face?’, ‘Because I’m an allegory’ she replies, distorting the joke.

Imagine the flipped and upside down pyramid slowly squishing itself against flat ground, until the capstone looks like a bloody great steam­roller totalled it on some drink-driving roadkill spree. It might end up looking like a bunch of concentric circles, like a classic archery target block. Furthermore, the firmer the capstone impresses upon the ground, the bigger the splatter. The next stage of this charming picture is to recall what the pyramid is comprised of, that is: spiritual/emotional space, being a body of knowledge we’ve barely a fingernail’s grip upon.

The analogy doesn’t end there. The pyramid is a moving feast and sometimes presses harder, and at other times recedes. It’s neither static, nor ‘pressing’ in a single spot (per the analogy), as much as we’d naturally wish it to be. Perhaps the flux is like a benign tug-o-war, where the marker moves back and forth. However, like the tug-o-war, there are two significant forces acting upon the rope, and if we’re good, they act in unison and not opposition. This is crucial to everything, and turning inwards to embrace the other force is a really good start and contrary to everything we know.

As I repeat ad nauseam, ‘what touches me, I touch also’ and once again it applies here. However, how does one explicitly touch themself? Let me immediately rephrase that: how do we touch our own soul and spirit? Many try going ‘up’, others do it through emotion-amplifying rituals, but more directly and as previously stated, it’s all about going within to the origin, which the astute reader will note, is the power supply I keep banging on about elsewhere. It’s that place of absolute stillness where you thread the eye of the needle and bridge to the other ‘side’. In by doing so, the presence of the spirit and soul intensifies — the squashed concentric circles expand as the pyramid draws closer — then somebody somewhere spoils the moment by blurting out that opening chakras is like the blossoming of a rose.

It’s my pet peeve, sorry-not-sorry, because it’s unintentionally caused so much misdirection. It seems to me nobody thinks to question that corner-hill and everyone just piles on top. It’s like saying the Vikings had horns on their helmetsExternal hyperlink all along la-la-la… except of course, no, they never did, until somebody thought to challenge it.

So what’s my beef with that? Well, in a flat 2d world, blossoming flowers makes for a great analogy, being the sparkles to my roadkill one. Folks tend to think in terms of 1d or 2d anyway, so rightly-or-wrongly I see a connection there. The problem is it relates expanding consciousness as a physical action. Sure, I talk a game in Lateral Meditation, but I’m also very bloody explicit about what I’m saying. I’m convinced the ‘YouTubiverse’ et al folks who jive on this haven’t ever experienced what they’re on about. At least, not from my corner-hill they haven’t. To be kind to the handful that genuinely might have however, I understand why they’d follow suit and describe a flower. And thus, I return to my opening statement about the information loss in translation from higher dimensional experiences into our own backyard.

Another word for ‘information loss’ is distortion. The chakra experience is an inner one. It’s always this, and can only ever be this. No space ship will ever take us to this other dimension. The human mind wants indeed almost needs it to be or become an external experience. It’s an ingrained perceptual bias that’s hard to shake. A blossoming flower is grand comfort-zone stuff, and plays to the lexicon of the regular mind. In short, it’s a total clusterfuck of an analogy relating to a highly nuanced experience that very few are ever blessed with having. Did I mention my deep and obviously psychologically-revealing issue with it, that I ought to maybe keep shush? Did I?

An open and shut case

Valentines Day massacre
Ah, the innocent joys of my youth. I always found finger painting with pastels a great relief. I lived a trauma-free life, as you’d already know.

Opening a chakra isn’t a binary thing, and the terms ‘open’ and ‘closed’ are unhelpful, but typical of how we relate stuff. It’s like describing a cup of tea being either ‘hot’ or ‘cold’. We loosely use such terms and we’re all good with that, but what is ‘cold’ exactly? When measuring against absolute zero (because we’re being binary) then no, it’s not fucking cold and will never be fucking cold, always being somewhere in-between. Language is forever nuanced, and we’re all in on it, but when it comes to nebulous thingummies like chakras, people forget the looseness of words and go full-on literal. Whenever folks are ignorant of stuff, things become binary. The flat mind is indeed a terrifying place full of suffering, with a tendency to project that shit onto everybody else.

It’s way better to consider chakras is in the terms of powering up and down (not to be conflated with on and off). If you know how to power up enough, there’s a clear threshold moment of sweet transition, a tangible ‘ripping apart’ event-horizon. It’s a technicolour plateau of emotional depth and width, that replaces the previous grubby four-by-six Ferrari snapshot sepia, which had seemed so fulfilling at the time. Only then can the flatness of the mundane be known for what it is, and those jigsaw corner-hills appreciated for what they truly are. Yet that’s just the start of the journey, and not the end-condition, as binary terms like ‘open’ imply. When you inevitably slip back into the photograph of your life, transcendence has to be left behind, yet consequentially remains imprinted upon you forever. At least you get to keep the Ferrari and the sex is fucking fantastic.

For most people most of the time, chakras will never be ‘closed’. In general terms it’s just not a thing, and this obsession with ‘opening’ something that’s rarely closed can be exposed for what it is. Like the tug-o-war rope, chakras exist on a sliding scale; it’s just for the most part they might not be very pronounced, and barely brushing against the fabric of your reality. Having a what-can-be-equated-to-closed chakra or chakras is a very specific situation, and relates to a tiny fraction of traumatised and/or spiritually interdicted people. I speak from experience, having once fallen into that grouping myself on both counts. This has gravity, because few others comprehend it.

Visualising a rose might further your practise, but it won’t tell you anything about why-it-is and how to get there, otherwise we’d all be guru’s by now, right? Believing the Vikings had horned helmets might help you too, go for it, I’m cheering you along. You see, in the final analysis, it doesn’t really matter what you do to find genuine inner peace, as long as you actually do so without causing harm. I take exception when your metaphysical viewpoint has been planted by others upon a hill of bullshit, which you’ve grown inclined to die on. Nobody wants that for you.

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