Weapons Grade Shaman Shit


  1. What the giddy feck?
  2. Your spiritual 2nd Amendment rights
  3. The back-of-a-bubbling-flask logic for revolution
  4. Agenda
  5. More bio
  6. Conclusion

This is a 2100 word piece, around 9 minutes reading. July 2021 (last edit: August 2021.)

What the giddy feck?

Glendalough. An early example of Irish monastic rocketry hi jinks. Either that or it gave a better view through the convent windows, but no one knows for certain.

Weapons grade shaman shit was a throw-away phrase I once used to describe someone’s kickin’ spiritual-­related attributes, but it got me thinking deeper. It led me into writing a shaman-­to-go guide book, which didn’t deal with contemporary shamanism, because I’m not one of them. It was consequently a rather short book, so I thought about appropriating the word ‘alchemy,’ but didn’t care to antagonise the Mickey Finn crowd. Besides, ‘Weapons Grade Alchemy’ sounded both serious and terrifying. Lifetimes past, these things were much simpler.

I attempted to write the basics, but oscillated between flippancy, dryness and poetry. It was a hot mess, somewhat like the film ‘Tenet,’ which was when I conceded I just didn’t know enough. And so it followed with the book too. Yet all was not lost, and Earth Jakked was extracted from the project. When I started that, I was jiving about revolution. I suspect that’s what got me banned from YouTube. Being revolutionary (or ‘trans­form­ational’ to use a less encumbered word) is the nature of certain spirits and souls, and their roles played here on Earth.

When it comes to mankind’s survival, climate change is just the latest in a long line of straw men. Reforming society has been the underlying problem since like forever. Climate change, for example, is massaged at the top by industrialists et al to ensure a conformal social change that benefits their bottom line and kicks the revolution down the road for another day. That’s at least until they all piss-off-planet, but it’s always been pretty much this, more or less.

However, like any other feedback system, you have to dampen the runaway and unless you’ve total control, there’s only so much you can do before something breaks. Thus, the more wealth and resources that’s squeezed from the system, the more control you have to exert just to maintain the status quo. That should sound hauntingly familiar.

I don’t believe for a moment that a benign revolution would change jack, because people will always be people, and do people things. Hence: why we’re in this pickle today, despite all previous revolutions, religions and elections. Earth Jakked is about amplifying the spirit/soul, so that conscious revolution becomes a genuine and sustainable proposition. You know, that fixing the power supply thing. I describe this further (in very different ways) in the piece on karma.

The Powerscourt “Power ponies” only the Irish can see, usually being several hours after midnight on a Friday.

This was the conclusion of my original thinking: how to keep a material and/or spiritual revo­lution on track when the original leader (and ethic) dies? Just as with the physical, not all entities are rain­bows and spark­les, so wouldn’t you prefer to know who you’re ultimately dealing with, voting and fighting for? If folks could better discern that, then the playing field would rebalance itself.

Wanting to lift people up is one thing, understanding what’s pinning them down is quite another. It’s easy for me to see it, but it might not be for the next person. There’s been a societal-wide buggering of the root chakra, which impacts everything else. It’s the ultimate pandemic and in this one, folks are bathing in wanton dysfunction. The Soviets of yesteryear & co. partially identified it as ‘decadence,’ but they were no better themselves in the wider view.

This perfect storm might have been planned — it’s definitely being nudged — but that doesn’t affect the clear natural consequences of millennia playing out regardless. Lacking a functional root chakra is a sure-fire way to end up projecting a transient foundation into rootless con­spiracies, trash TV and whatever else is soliciting on the street corner.

You see, once the root’s knackered, you can just about sell anybody anything by promising what they cannot retain. Unfettered capitalism has a great deal to answer for here, but actually that’s just another straw man. It’s why the political left and centre can’t solve the sociopathic insanity of the right; they’re ignoring the power supply. However, to be fair, the progressivesExternal hyperlink have started to cotton on, albeit using different language.

Years ago, the notion of adhering to higher principles and being spiritually hygienic was called religion. Worked out swell, didn’t it? Far too much pomp and murder, but you have to look at these things in the context of their day. As stated elsewhere, in the technological age, we don’t need a Good religion, we need Good engineering. I’m not necessarily talking about the counterweight of science either, because we can all see how that religion’s working out with all the pomp and murder from Wuhan, for example. Again, you have to look at these things in the context of their day.

Metaphysical overview of reality and ting
Oh Glory of the Cherry! The world is God’s tomato, waiting only to be fed with a nice mix of plant feed and holy spring water.

The common de­nom­inator of all of these things is people, regardless of politics, religion and science. The solution is there­fore to fix the first point of failure, being people. However, people are their own complex systems, and there’s something common to all of them too. It’s the power supply, which exists in the one place we’ve been explicitly conditioned not to look at and take seriously. Heck, Catholicism even claims proprietary ownership of all the wiring (whilst trivialising the rest.) If that’s not a red-flag, then nothing is.

Your spiritual “2nd Amendment” rights

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the balance of free choice, the right of the people to enjoy and protect conscious­ness, shall not be infringed.

Earth Jakked

Well that’s all very self-important isn’t it? Except I’m using it as a device to make a point. I really do believe in spiritual 2nd Amendment rights though and what it implies. I’ll get back to you when I figure out the emojis for the rest of it.

Freyja: “I’m just checking how the latest revolution is going, darling.”

The spiritual-physical eco­system needs to remain balanced, including all the subjective ‘good’ and ‘bad’ actors. Every­thing that has con­scious­ness gets to enjoy spiritual 2nd amend­ment rights. Imagine deciding to exterminate all the insects on the planet because you find their brutal kingdom offensive to your sensi­bilities? It won’t end well. Meanwhile, if you get an ant infestation, use the bloody ant powder, for god’s sake!

Everything’s inter-connected and ‘above and below’ (within and without) are far more concordant than you’d credit. Once you familiarise with the core, it clarifies somewhat. Hint: it’s the power supply.

My ‘agenda’ is to share, teach and empower. My way is softness, which is the quintessence of my spirit. Like water, it seems nothing much until you try punching a tsunami. Spirit, and more specifically the universal background conscious­ness (oft misunder­stood as being ‘god’) has strong analogue in water, and the formation of life therein.

Revolution is about personal trans­formation. I’m wholly concerned about the inner world, because if you get that right, the outer one changes accordingly. Inner revolution leads to external change. When Vedic mystics talk about ‘all disease comes from within,’ it’s exactly this and exactly why we live in the world of today. Liberate your concept of the word ‘disease’ from the medical dictionary and everything falls into place.

More bio

Dharamshala, greener than Mos Eisley, but equally full of exiled Tibetans and their Banthas.

Fourteen years ago, when I was last in India, I became really ill with a heavy, delusion-swirling fever. It’s one of the few times I’ve experi­enced meaningful physical illness, always being intricately related to my mental health and state of self-belief. In the throws of that fever, I had a flash of lateral insight on how to overcome the condition. Within thirty hard-contested seconds, I’d stopped it cold. Within maybe three minutes it was gone. By half an hour I was refreshed and lacked physical after-effects. That’s weapons grade shaman shit and my personal confirmation the mystics knew their beans. I’ve since written about this technique as part of the project.

Despite that, I don’t know much, except a little, which is a lot more than some. I’m still learning and very much the unfinished article, so I’m careful about what I share. It’s not because I’m gatekeeping, but because I have the integrity of self-caution. It’s easy to believe all kinds of shit that seems to satisfy the moment. It’s also easy to talk about stuff without being able to support it in any way. This takes time to resolve.

A concise graphing of affairs in the soul desecration stakes. Such is the way of the called shaman.

I’m self-taught, from experience and inner exploration, which is a path I strenuously advise against taking. Find a teacher, like everyone else recommends, and presume your teacher’s totally fallible and full of it, then you’ll be just fine. My special-case is to do with my soul and spirit (which is a special case) and having some really bad karma to unknit. Because of my self-contained path, I have to be cautious I’m not flying off at tangents. I have a history of flying off at tangents. That’s why having a juxtaposed teacher is much safer. The other pertinent thing about me is I won’t be ‘doing much’ in this lifetime beyond extricating my soul from the cosmic shredder. In earlier lifetimes I was way more empowered and together with my shit, before it took a turn for the worse.


  • Too many people are spiritually ignorant and too physically preoccupied with survival to care. It’s the end product of thousands of years of greed and control. Better religion isn’t the answer.
  • The first point of failure in society, including business, religion and politics is people. Better people is the answer, but that ignores the underlying cause.
  • People are complex. Commonality is found with the soul. Too many people suffer from unhealthy root chakras, let alone the rest. This correlates with societal dys­function. It’s the core point of failure, and why earnest business, religious and political solutions are ineffective in the long term.
  • Root healing will help those who wish to lift up to do so. It will go a long way towards rebalancing society, but it’s not enough to stop it from happening again.
  • Spiritual knowledge — the heavy stuff — needs to be freely revealed in order to arm and protect the people. This leads to the analogous Spiritual 2nd Amendment Rights.

And so here we are once more, in yet another life, with the internet, spiritual 2nd amendment rights and the whole revolution shebang. Is any of this going to matter? Hopefully to you it will.

See also the thrilling follow-on regarding karma, which is shockingly educational in places. Alternatively, return to the Weapons Grade index.